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Celebrity Addresses Starting With Y

  Y.A. Tittle   Former Football Player

  Yahoo Serious   Actor, Director

  Yakov Smirnoff   Comedian, Actor, Writer

  Yale Lary   Former Football Player

  Yan Maillard   Guitarist for Dominici

  Yancy Butler   Actress

  Yanic Truesdale   Actor

  Yanni   Composer, Musician, Record Producer

  Yannick Bisson   Actor, Director

  Yao Ming   Basketball Player

  Yaphet Kotto   Actor

  Yasmeen Ghauri   Model

  Yasmin Paige   Actress

  Yasmine Bleeth   Actress (Baywatch), Model

  Yeardley Smith   Actress

  Yelle   French Band

  Yellowcard   Rock Band

  Yeremiah Bell   Football Player

  Ying Yang Twins   Hip-Hop Duo

  Yitzhak Shamir   Former Prime Minister of Israel

  Yma Sumac   Peruvian Singer, Actress

  Yngwie Malmsteen   Swedish Guitarist, Songwriter

  Yo Gotti   Rapper

  Yo-Yo Ma   Cellist

  Yoav   Singer, Songwriter

  Yogi Berra   Former Baseball Player

  Yoko Ono   Japanese Singer, Songwriter

  Yolanda Adams   Gospel Singer, Record Producer, Actress

  Yolande Donlan   American-British Actress; Played 'Frenchy' in The Devil Bat;...

  Yorick van Wageningen   Dutch Actor; Starred in 'The Chronicles of Riddick' and 'The...

  Young Buck   American Rapper; Former Member of UTP Playas; Founder of Cas...

  Young Jeezy   American Rapper and Actor; Formerly Known as 'Lil J'; Born 9...

  Young MC   British-born American Singer, Rapper, and Actor; Real Name '...

  Yousuf Karsh   Armenian-Canadian Photographer; Known for His of Portraits o...

  Yuen Biao   Chinese Stuntman, Martial Artist, and Actor; Stunt Double fo...

  Yukari Oshima   Actress

  Yuki Shibamoto   Japanese Actress

  Yukito Kishiro   Japanese Manga Artist: Battle Angel Alita

  Yul Kwon   Reality TV Show 'Survivor' Winner

  Yung Joc   Rapper, Musician

  Yunjin Kim   South Korean-American Actress; Best Known for Playing Sun on...

  Yuri Lowenthal   Voice Actor

  Yutaka Fukufuji   Pro Hockey Player

  Yvan Cournoyer   Former Hockey Right Winger

  Yves Rossy   First man to fly under a single jet-powered wing

  Yvette Fielding   British TV presenter

  Yvette Michele  

  Yvette Mimieux  

  Yvette Nicole Brown   Actress

  Yvette Vickers  

  Yvonne Craig   Actress

  Yvonne DeCarlo  

  Yvonne Furneaux  

  Yvonne Gaudry   Actress

  Yvonne Jung   Actress: Criminal Minds

  Yvonne Shove   Nanny 911

  Yvonne Strahovski   Australian Actress: Chuck

  Yvonne Suhor  

  Yvonne Zima   Actress, 'ER', 'The Long Kiss Goodnight'

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