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Celebrity Addresses Starting With W

  W. Mark Felt   Former FBI Agent, Informant on Watergate Scandal

  W. Parry O'Brien   Shot Put Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist

  W.P. Kinsella   Author (Shoeless Joe)

  Wade Boggs   Former American Baseball Player; Played for the 'Boston Red ...

  Wade Bowen   Country Singer

  Wade Hayes   Country Singer

  Wade Robson   Dancer, Choreographer

  Wade Rowdon   Baseball Player

  Waldemar Kobus   Actor

  Walker, Texas Ranger   TV Series

  Wallace Langham   Actor

  Wallace Shawn   Actor

  Wally Amos   TV Personality, Entrepreneur

  Wally Backman   Former Baseball Player

  Wally Cassell   Actor, Businessman

  Wally Dallenbach   Former NASCAR Driver

  Wally Kurth   Actor, Singer

  Wally Moon   Former Baseball Player

  Wally Schirra   NASA Astronaut

  Wally Wingert   Actor, Voice Actor, Singer

  Walt Bellamy   Former Basketball Player

  Walt Dropo   Former Baseball Player

  Walt Garrison   Former Football Player

  Walt Hriniak   Baseball Coach, Former Baseball Player

  Walter Case Jr.   American Harness Racing Driver

  Walter Cronkite   American Broadcast Journalist, Former CBS Evening News Ancho...

  Walter Cunningham   Astronaut - NASA

  Walter Davis   Former Basketball Player

  Walter Hawkins   Gospel Singer

  Walter Koenig   Actor (Star Trek)

  Walter Kohn  

  Walter Manning   Ex-Football Player/ Father of Peyton and Eli Manning

  Walter Matthau   Actor

  Walter Mondale  

  Walter Plathe   Actor

  Walter Ray Williams   Professional Bowler

  Walter Reed  

  Walter Renneisen   Actor: Regentropfen

  Wanda Jackson   Country Music Singer

  Wanda Sykes   Comedian

  Ward Burton   NASCAR DRIVER

  Warith Deen Mohammed   Muslim Leader, Theologian, Philosopher

  Warren Beatty   Actor, Director

  Warren Berlinger  

  Warren Buffett  

  Warren Christie   Actor: October Road

  Warren Christopher  

  Warren Clarke   Actor

  Warren Covington  

  Warren DeMartini  

  Warren Frost  

  Warren Johnson   Race Car Driver

  Warren Littlefield  

  Warren Moon  

  Warren Munson   Actor

  Warren Sapp   Defensive End for the Oakland Raiders

  Warren Spahn  

  Warren Stevens  

  Warren Vanders   Actor

  Warrick Dunn   Running Back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  Warrnambool   Band

  Warwick Davis   Actor, 'Harry Potter'

  Washington Bullets  

  Washington Nationals   Professional Baseball Team

  Washington Wizards   NBA Basketball Team

  Waylon Jennings  

  Wayne Alexander   Actor, 'Babylon 5', 'Space Invaders'

  Wayne Brady   Actor, Comedian

  Wayne Cantrell  

  Wayne Chrebet   Former Football Player

  Wayne Fontana  

  Wayne Gomes  

  Wayne Gretzky   Former Canadian Ice Hockey Player

  Wayne Knight   Actor

  Wayne Krenchicki   Former MBL Baseball Player: Detroit Tigers

  Wayne LaPierre   Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the ...

  Wayne Newton   Singer

  Wayne Pygram   actor

  Wayne Rogers  

  Wayne Rooney   English Football (soccer) Player

  Wayne Terwilliger   Brooklyn Dodger, NY Giant infielder, WWII vet

  Wayne Wilderson   Actor

  We The Kings   Band

  Wednesday 13   Band

  Weeb Eubank  

  Weldon Olson   Olympic Hockey Player

  Wendell Burton  

  Wendi McLendon-Covey   Actress: Reno 911

  Wendie Malick  

  Wendy Craig   British Actress

  Wendy Crewson   Actress, 'Air Force One', 'The Santa Clause' films

  Wendy Davis   Actress

  Wendy Johnson  

  Wendy Kaufman   Snapple lady

  Wendy Makkena   Actress

  Wendy Malick  

  Wendy Moniz   Actress: The Guardian

  Wendy O'Williams  

  Wendy Padbury   Actress: Doctor Who

  Wendy Phillips  

  Wendy Raquel Robinson   Actress: The Steve Harvey Show

  Wendy Richard   British Actress, 'Are You Being Served?', 'EastEnders'

  Wendy Robie  

  Wendy Schaal  

  Wendy Venturini   Speed TV Pit Reporter

  Wendy Whoppers   Adult Film Star

  Wendy Williams   Author, Radio & TV Host

  Wentworth Miller   Actor

  Werner K Dahm  

  Werner Klemperer  

  Wes Anderson   Director, Writer, 'The Royal Tenenbaums', 'Rushmore'

  Wes Bentley   Actor

  Wes Covington   former MLB player

  Wes Craven   Director

  Wes Santee   Olympic Track & Field Runner

  Wes Studi  

  Wes Unseld   basketball player / coach

  Wes Welker   Professional Football Player

  Wes Woolston   Musician; Guitarist of Dimension Zero Band

  Wesley Barker  

  Wesley Eure   Actor, Singer, Author, Producer, Director

  Wesley Jonathan   Actor, 'What I Like About You'

  Wesley Snipes   Actor

  West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx   Minor League Baseball Team

  WestLife   Band

  What About Brian   Television Show on ABC

  Wheatus   Music Group

  Whip Hubley  

  White Zombie  

  Whitey Ford   MLB Baseball Hall of Famer

  Whitey Herzog   Former MLB Baseball Outfielder

  Whitnee Patterson   Actress

  Whitney Blake  

  Whitney Cummings   Comedian, Actress, Producer

  Whitney Evered   Sports Cheerleader

  Whitney Houston   Singer

  Whitney Port   Actress: The Hills

  Whitney Tompson   Model

  Who, The  

  Whoopi Goldberg   American Actress and TV Personality; Co-Host of 'The View'; ...

  Whtiney Redbeck   TV character roles.

  Wicked   Broadway Play

  Wife Swap   Television Show on ABC

  Wil Horneff  

  Wil Johnson   Actor, 'Waking The Dead'

  Wil Shriner   Comdian, actor, screenplay writer

  Wil Wheaton   Actor: Stand By Me, Star Trek TNG

  Wild Somoans, The  

  Wildfire cast   TV Show

  Wiley Pickett   Actor: Cold Case

  Wilf Paiement   NHL Player

  Wilford Brimley   Actor: Our House

  Wilkinsons, The  

  Will Allen   NFL Football Player

  Will Andrews   Actor, Sorry I've Got No Head, Comedian

  Will Arnett   Actor, 'Arrested Development'

  Will Clark  

  Will Demps   Footballer

  Will Eisner  

  Will Estes   Actor

  Will Ferrell   Actor

  Will Forte   Actor, Comedian, Saturday Night Live

  Will Friedle   Actor, Comedian

  Will James   Footballer

  Will Kirby   Actor

  Will Mellor   Actor

  Will Patton   Actor: Remember the Titans

  Will Sanderson   Actor: BloodRayne

  Will Smith   Actor

  Will Wright   Actor

  Will Young   Winner of Pop Idol UK 2002

  Willa Ford   Singer

  Willa Holland   Mode and Actress: Garden Party

  Willard Scott   American Media Personality And Author: The TODAY Show

  Wille Thorne   Snooker champion

  Willem Dafoe   Actor

  Willem Kolff   Medical Doctor: Pioneer in the field of artificial organs

  William Asher   Director, 'Bewtiched' TV Show

  William B. Davis   Actor, 'X-Files', 'The Messengers'

  William Baldwin   Actor

  William Bast  

  William Bennett  

  William Boroughs  

  William Buzz Schneider   Olympic Hockey Player

  William Campbell  

  William Case  

  William Christopher   MASH

  William Creber  

  William Daniels   Actor: Played Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World

  William Devane  

  William DeVry   Actor: Soap Operas

  William E. Barber  

  William Fichtner  

  William Forsythe   Actor

  William Friedkin  

  William G. Davidson   Grandson of original co-founder of Harley-Davidson motorcycl...

  William Gallas   Footballer

  William Gaunt   Actor: Doctor Who

  William Gibson  

  William Goldman   Screenwriter, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Prince...

  William H. Macy   Actor

  William Hinds  

  William Hung   American Idol Reject

  William Hurt   Actor

  William J. Knight  

  William James Jones   Actor (California Dreams)

  William Joseph   Footballer

  William Katt  

  William King   Member of 'The Commodores'

  William L. Petersen   Actor

  William Lee Scott   Actor

  William Mapother   Actor, 'LOST'

  William Marshall  

  William Moseley   actor

  William Peter Blatty   Author

  William R. Moses  

  William Ragsdale   Actor - Fright Night

  William Roache   Actor, 'Coronation Street'

  William Russ   Actor

  William Russell  

  William Safire  

  William Sasso   Actor - Mad TV

  William Shafer  

  William Shatner   Actor

  William Shockley   Actor (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman)

  William Simon  

  William Smith   Actor: Laredo

  William Vogt   Actor

  William Wilson   Short Story By Edgar Allan Poe

  William Windom  

  William Zabka   Actor: The Karate Kid, Just One of the Guys

  Willie Aames  

  Willie Allen   NASCAR Driver

  Willie Banks  

  Willie Davenport  

  Willie Davis  

  Willie Fraser   Former Baseball Player

  Willie Garson   Actor: Freaky Friday

  Willie Jones   NFL Football Player

  Willie Mays   Former Baseball Player

  Willie McGee   Former Baseball Player

  Willie Nelson   Country Music Legend

  Willie Parker   Pro Football Player

  Willie Pep  

  Willie Randolph   Former MLB Baseball Player: New York Yankees

  Willie Wood   Former Football Player

  Wilma Biggs   AAGPBL HOF Women's Pro Baseball player

  Wilma De Angelis   Italian Singer

  Wilma Mankiller  

  Wilmer Valderrama   Actor

  Wilson Alvarez  

  Wilson Jermaine Heredia   Actor

  Wilson Pickett  

  Wilt Chamberlin   Basketball Player

  Wim Wenders   Director

  Windy McCall   Ny Giant MLB relief pitcher

  Wings Hauser  

  Wink Martindale  

  Winona Ryder   Actress, 'Heathers', 'Beetle Juice'

  Winston E. Scott   Retired Astronaut

  Winter Layne  

  Without A Trace Cast   Crime/Drama TV Show

  Wolf Blitzer  

  Wolf Larson  

  Wolfgang Petersen   Director

  Wolfgang Puck   Chef

  Wolfmother   Australian Rock Band

  Wolke Hegenbarth   German Actress 'Mein Leben & Ich'

  Women's Murder Club   Television Show on ABC

  Woo Daves   Fisherman, Bassmaster

  Woodie Fryman   Baseball Player

  Woody Allen   Actor, Director

  Woody Harrelson   Actor

  Woody Jensen  

  Woody Paige   Sports Columnist: The Denver Post

  Woody Wilson  

  World News with Charles Gibson   Television News Show on ABC

  Wrestling Babe  

  Wu Chun   Musician, Actor


  Wyclef Jean   Haitian-American Musician

  Wynonna Judd   Country Singer

  Wynton Marsalis  

  Wyomia Tyus  

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