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Celebrity Addresses Starting With R

  R. Kelly   Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer

  R. Lee Ermey   Actor

  R.A. Salvatore   Author (Star Wars)

  R.E.M.   Rock Band

  R.G. Armstrong   Actor, Playwright

  R.J. Helton   Singer, American Idol (2002)

  R.L. Stine   Author, Producer, Screenwriter

  R.M. DeHaven   Actor

  R.W. 'Dabbs' Greer   Actor

  Raab Himself   TV Personality

  Rabbi Alexander Moshe Schindler   Leading Figure of American Jewry and Reform Judaism

  Race Davies   Actress, Artist, Furniture Designer

  Rachael Blake   Australian Actress

  Rachael Flatt   Figure Skater

  Rachael Harris   Actress, Comedian

  Rachael Leigh Cook   Actress, Model, Producer

  Rachael MacFarlane   Actress, Singer

  Rachael Ray   Celebrity Chef

  Rachael Taylor   Actress (Transformers), Model

  Rachel Ann Cole   Miss Vermont 2007

  Rachel Aziani   Adult Film Star

  Rachel Bayliss  

  Rachel Bilson   Actress

  Rachel Blanchard   Actress

  Rachel Boston   Actress, Producer

  Rachel Dratch   Actress, Comedian

  Rachel Grant   Actress

  Rachel Griffiths   Actress, Director

  Rachel House   New Zealand Actress, Acting Coach, Comedian

  Rachel Hunter   New Zealand Supermodel, Actress, TV Host

  Rachel Hurd-Wood   Actress, Model

  Rachel Luttrell   actor: Teyla on Stargate

  Rachel MacLish  

  Rachel McAdams   Actress

  Rachel McDonnell   Violinist for the band Cruxshadows

  Rachel Melvin   Actress

  Rachel Miner   Actress: The Guiding Light

  Rachel Nichols  


  Rachel Reynolds   Model

  Rachel Shelley   Actress: The L Word

  Rachel Shelly   Actress, 'The L Word'

  Rachel Smith   British Actress

  Rachel Stevens   S Club 7 Singer

  Rachel Sweet   Actress

  Rachel Ward  

  Rachel Weisz   British-American Actress; Starred in 'The Mummy', 'The Mummy...

  Rachel York   Singer, Actress

  Rachel Z   jazz musician

  Rachelle Lefevre   Actress

  Rachelle Splatt  

  Rade Sherbedgia   Actor

  Radha Mitchell   Actress

  Radiohead   British band

  Radney Foster   Country Music Singer

  Rae Dawn Chong  

  Raelee Hill   Australian Actress

  Rafael Da Silva   Football Player of Manchester United

  Rafael Ferrer   Actor

  Rafael Furcal   Pro Baseball Player

  Rafael Little   American Football Running Back: University of Kentucky Wildc...

  Rafael Nadal   Tennis Player

  Rafael Novoa   Former Baseball Player

  Rafer Johnson   Former Decathlon

  Raffella Carra  

  Rafi Gavron   British Actor: Anthony Minghella

  Rage Against the Machine   American rock band

  Rah Digga   Rapper

  Rahul Dravid   Cricket Player

  Rain   Korean Pop Singer, Dancer, Model, Actor

  Rain Pryor  

  Rainer Schoenfelder   Austrian Skier

  Rainn Wilson   Actor, 'The Office'

  Raja Gosnell   Director

  Rajendra Kumar   Bollywood Actor, Director, Producer

  Rajon Rondo   Basketball

  Ralf Little   British Actor, played Anthony Royle on the series 'The Royle...

  Ralna English  

  Ralph Bakshi  

  Ralph Boston  

  Ralph Carter  

  Ralph Edwards  

  Ralph Emery  

  Ralph Fiennes   Actor

  Ralph Garr   Former Baseball Player

  Ralph Ineson   Actor

  Ralph Kiner   Former MLB Baseball Player

  Ralph Lauren  

  Ralph Macchio   Actor, The Karate Kid 1-3, My Cousin Vinny, The Outsiders

  Ralph McQuarrie   Conceptual Designer and Futurist: Star Wars, Battlestar Gala...

  Ralph Nader  

  Ralph Schumacher   Formula One Racecar Driver

  Ralph Stanley   Legendary American bluegrass artist

  Ralph Waite  

  Ralphie May   Comedian

  Rammstein   Music Group

  Ramon Bieri  

  Ramon Estevez  

  Ramon Hernandez   Pro MLB baseball catcher

  Ramona Fradon  

  Ramsey Lewis  

  Rance Howard  

  Rand Brooks  

  Randal Kleiser   Director of Grease

  Randall Batinkoff  

  Randall Carter  

  Randall Cunningham   Former NFL Player

  Randall Duk Kim   Actor: Matrix Reloaded

  Randall Gay   Footballer

  Randall Winston   Producer: Scrubs

  Randy Bachman   Guitarist: The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive

  Randy Barlow  

  Randy Blythe   Lead Singer: Lamb Of God

  Randy Bockus   Former Baseball Player

  Randy Bush   Former Baseball Player

  Randy Couture   Wrestler, UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion

  Randy Crouch   Musician

  Randy Glasbergen  

  Randy Harrison   Actor, 'Queer as Folk'

  Randy Houser   Country Singer

  Randy Jackson   1957 Brooklyn Dodger infielder

  Randy Jackson   Musician, American Idol Judge

  Randy Johnson   Professional Baseball Player

  Randy Jones   Singer: the original cowboy in the Village People

  Randy Knorr   Former Baseball Player

  Randy MacDonald  

  Randy Meisner  

  Randy Moss   NFL Football Player

  Randy Myers   Baseball Player

  Randy Newman  

  Randy Orton   WWE Wrestler

  Randy Quaid   Actor

  Randy Ready   Former Baseball Player

  Randy Spelling  

  Randy St. Claire   Former Baseball Player

  Randy Thomas   Voice over artist

  Randy Tomlin   Former Baseball Player

  Randy Travis  

  Randy Velarde   Former Baseball Player

  Randy White   Retired NFL player

  Randy Winn   MLB Baseball Player

  Rani Khanijau   TV Presenter: CBBC Channel

  Rania Al-Abdullah   Queen of Jordan

  Ranomi Kromowidjojo   Dutch Swimmer

  Raoul Bova   Italian actor

  Raoul Trujillo  

  Raphael Poiree   Olympic Biathlon Silver & Bronze Medalist

  Raquel Castro   Actress: Jersey Girl

  Raquel Welch   Actress, 'Fathom', 'One Million Years BC', 'The Three Musket...

  Rare Earth  

  Rascal Flatts   Country Music Band

  Rasheed Wallace   NBA basketball player, 'Detroit Pistons'

  Rashida Jones   American Actress, Writer, and Producer; Known for Playing An...

  Rasika Mathur   Actress

  Raśl Esparza   Actor, Singer

  Raul Gonzalez   Professional soccer player from Spain

  Raul Ibanez   Pro Baseball Player

  Raveena Tandon   Bollywood Actress

  Raven   Horror Host

  Raven de la Croix  

  Raven Symone   Actress, Singer, Songwriter

  Ravi Kapoor   Actor

  Ravi Kumar   Director: Notting Hill Anxiety Festival

  Ravi Shankar   Musician

  Ravi Tandon   Bollywood Director, Producer

  Raw Leiba   Street Fighter and The Wire

  Rawiri Paratene   Actor, 'Whale Rider'

  Ray Abruzzo  

  Ray Anthony  

  Ray Baker  

  Ray Benson   Singer: Band Asleep At The Wheel

  Ray Billingsley  

  Ray Bluth   Professional Bowler

  Ray Bourque   Pro Hockey Player

  Ray Bradbury  

  Ray Burris   Former MLB baseball player, 'Chicago Cubs'

  Ray Charles  

  Ray Childress   Retired NFL player

  Ray Coniff  

  Ray Davies   Kinks singer/guitarist

  Ray Dorset   Folk Music Singer/Songwriter

  Ray Evernham   NASCAR Driver

  Ray Fearon   Actor, 'Harry Potter'

  Ray Floyd  

  Ray Harryhausen  

  Ray Hayward   Former Baseball Player

  Ray J. Norwood   r&b artist, actor

  Ray Lewis   Football Player of NFL

  Ray Liotta   Actor

  Ray Manzarek  

  Ray Marshall  

  Ray Mears   British author and TV presenter

  Ray Narleski   Star relief pitcher 1954 Cleveland Indians

  Ray Park   Actor

  Ray Parker Jr.   Ghostbusters Theme song, Music..

  Ray Price  

  Ray Prince  

  Ray Quinn   British Actor and singer, Runner-up on the reality show The ...

  Ray Rice   Football player

  Ray Romano   American Comedian, Actor, and Screenwriter; Best Known for P...

  Ray Sadecki   1964 Cardinals World Series,Ny Mets pitcher

  Ray Shero   Hockey GM

  Ray Stevens   Country Singer

  Ray Stevenson   actor

  Ray Toro   Guitarist; Member of My Chemical Romance

  Ray Walston  

  Ray Winstone   British Actor

  Raymond Barry   Actor

  Raymond Benson   Author

  Raymond Berry   Former American Football Player and Coach in the National Fo...

  Raymond Briggs   English Illustrator, Cartoonist, Graphic Novelist, and Autho...

  Raymond Ceulemans   Professional Billiards Player

  Raymond Cruz   actor

  Raymond E. Feist   Author

  Raymond Gallagher  

  Raymond Khoury   Writer

  Raymond Ventrone   American Football Safety

  Raynor Scheine   Actor

  Reading Phillies   AA baseball team

  Real Madrid Football Club   Soccer Team

  Real Salt Lake   Major Leage Soccer Team from Salt Lake City, Utah

  Reba McEntire   Actress

  Rebbie Jackson  

  Rebecca Bardoux  

  Rebecca Broussard  

  Rebecca Budig   Actress

  Rebecca DeMornay  

  Rebecca Field   Actress: October Road

  Rebecca Gayheart   Actress

  Rebecca Gibney   Actress: Packed to the Rafters, Hallifax

  rebecca gordon   Actress

  Rebecca Hall   Actress: The Prestige

  Rebecca Hartley   Actress

  Rebecca Herbst   Actress, 'General Hospital' TV show

  Rebecca Holden  

  Rebecca Lobo   Olympic Basketball Player

  Rebecca Loos   Actress

  Rebecca Lord  

  Rebecca Luker   Actress

  Rebecca Mader   Actress: Lost

  Rebecca Miller   Actress

  Rebecca O'Donohue   American Idol Contestant, Twin sister to Jessica O'Donohue

  Rebecca Pidgeon   Actress

  Rebecca Ramos   Model

  Rebecca Romijn   Actress, Model, 'Ugly Betty'

  Rebecca Romijn-Stamos   Actress: X-Men

  Rebecca St. James   Christian Singer

  Rebecca Street  

  Rebecca Wild  

  Rebekah Bradford   US Speedskater

  Rebekah Dee   British Model

  Rebel Wilson   Comidienne

  Reche Caldwell   Football Wide Receiver

  Red Adair  

  Red Adams   Former Baseball Player

  Red Bedgro  

  Red Berenson   Retired NHL Player

  Red Buttons  

  Red Farmer   Former Race Car Driver

  Red Green   Star of 'The Red Green Show'

  Red Hot Chili Peppers   Music Group

  Red Robbins   Former Basketball Player NBA

  Red Schoendienst   former baseball player

  Redemption   Band

  Redman   Rapper

  Reed Diamond  

  Reed Sorenson   NASCAR driver

  Reese Witherspoon   Actress, 'Legally Blonde'

  Reggie Bush   NFL Football Player

  Reggie Cobb   NFL Football Player

  Reggie Jackson   Former Baseball Player

  Reggie Langhorne   Football Player

  Reggie Miller   Basketball Player

  Reggie Smythe  

  Reggie Theus   former NBA player/ current coach for the NBA's Sacramento Ki...

  Reggie Torbor   American Football Linebacker

  Reggie Wayne   American Football Wide Receiver

  Reggie White  

  Regina Belle  

  Regina Hall   actress

  Regina King   American Actress and Television Director; Played Brenda Jenk...

  Regina Spektor   Singer

  Reginald Denny  

  Reginald Hudlin   Writer/Director

  Reginald Veljohnson   actor

  Regis Philbin   TV-talk show host, Actor

  Reichen Lehmkuhl   Actor / Host

  Reid Scott   Actor

  Reiko Aylesworth   Actress

  Reinfried Herbst   Slalom Skier from Austria

  Reinhard Selten  

  Reinhold Messner   Mountaineer, Explorer

  Rekha Sharma   Canadian Actress

  Relient K   Christian Rock Band

  Rena 'Sable' Marro  

  Rena Mero   Model, WWE (Sable)

  Rena Owen   Actress

  Rena Riffel   Actress: Showgirls

  Renaud Cestre   Actor

  Rene Auberjonois   Actor, 'Star Trek: Deep Space 9'

  Rene O'Connor  

  Rene Russo  

  Renee Coleman   Actress

  Renee Herlocker   Sports Cheerleader

  Renee Jones   Actress - Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI

  Renee O'Connor  

  Renee Taylor   Actress: The Nanny

  Renee Zellweger   Actress

  Renny Harlin  

  Reno 911!   TV Show

  Rescue Me   TV Show

  Rev Run Joey Simmons   Rapper for Run DMC, Run's House

  Rev Theory   Musician

  Rev. Al Sharpton  

  Reverend Ike  

  Rex Allen Jr.  

  Rex Everhart  

  Rex Grossman   Quarterback: The Chicago Bears

  Rex Hadnot   Footballer

  Rex Lee   Korean-American Actor, 'Entourage'

  Rex Linn   actor

  Rex Smith   Actor

  Rex Walters   Former NBA player and coach at Florida Atlantic University

  Rey Mysterio   Wrestler

  Rhea Perlman   Actress

  Rheal Cormier   Former Baseball Player

  Rhett Dawson   Former Football Player

  Rhiannon Fish   Actress: 'Neighbours'

  Rhoda Griffis   Actress: Army Wives, Road Trip

  Rhodes Reason  

  Rhona Mitra   Actress

  Rhonda Aldrich   ST TNG Madeline

  Rhonda Byrne   Australian Television Writer and Producer

  Rhonda Fleming  

  Rhonda Hartman  

  Rhonda Shear  

  Rhonda Vincent   Bluegrass Musician

  Rhydian Roberts   Finalist on British Talent Show 'The X Factor'

  Rhymefest   Hip Hop Artist

  Rhyon Brown   Actress, 'Lincoln Heights'

  Rhys Ifans  

  Ric Flair   Wrestler

  Ricardo Chavira   Actor

  Ricardo Colclough   Footballer

  Ricardo Erik Atzeni   Bassist for band Dominici

  Ricardo Fuller   Footballer

  Ricardo Medina, Jr   Actor: Power Rangers

  Ricardo Montalban  

  Riccardo Ricco   Italian Road Bicycle Racer

  Rich Bordi   Baseball

  Rich Brooks   University of Kentucky Football Coach

  Rich Dotson   Former Baseball Player

  Rich Eisen   Television Journalist; work for the NFL Network

  Rich Franklin   UFC Fighter

  Rich Gaspari  

  Rich Gedman   Former Baseball Player

  Rich Hall  

  Rich Heller   N Iowa Baseball Coach

  Rich Little   Comedian

  Rich Monteleone   Former Baseball Player

  Rich Rodriguez   Coach for Michigan Wolverines

  Rich Saul  

  Rich Ward   Actor

  Richard & Judy   Television Show

  Richard 'Goose' Gossage   Former American Baseball Player; Played Right-Handed Relief ...

  Richard 'Rip' Hamilton   Pro Basketball Player

  Richard A   Model

  Richard Abanes   Author

  Richard Adams  

  Richard Adler  

  Richard Anderson   Actor: Six Million Dollar Man

  Richard Armitage   Actor, 'North & South', 'Robin Hood', and 'Star Wars Episode...

  Richard Arnold   TV Presenter

  Richard Bacon   TV Presenter

  Richard Baker   British TV Presenter

  Richard Belzer   Actor, Comedian

  Richard Benaud   Former Australian cricketer, Commentator

  Richard Benjamin  

  Richard Bey  

  Richard Beymer  

  Richard Biggs  

  Richard Blezer  

  Richard Bonehill   Actor: Cold and Dark

  Richard Brake   Actor

  Richard Branson   Entrepreneur / Owner of Virgin

  Richard Bremmer   Actor

  Richard Briers   Actor

  Richard Brooker   Actor - Friday the 13th Part III

  Richard Brooks   Actor: The Crow

  Richard Bull   Actor, 'Little House on the Prairie'

  Richard Burgi   Actor: Desperate Housewives, Judging Amy, Another World

  Richard Carpenter  

  Richard Chamberlain   Actor

  Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine   Cover Band and Comedy Act

  Richard Childress  

  Richard Coogan  

  Richard Crenna  

  Richard Dawkins   British Ethologist, Evolutionary Biologist, Professor at Oxf...

  Richard Dawson   Host of Original 'Family Feud'

  Richard Dean Anderson   Actor

  Richard Denning  

  Richard Dent   Former Football Player Superbowl MVP

  Richard Donner  

  Richard Dreyfuss   Actor: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

  Richard Dysart  

  Richard E. Grant   British Actor

  Richard Eden  

  Richard F. Gordon   Astronaut

  richard fleeshman   Actor

  Richard Fleischer  

  Richard Fortus   Rhythm guitarist for Guns N' Roses

  Richard Gale   Former MLB player

  Richard Gant   Actor

  Richard Gere   American Actor; Starred in 'American Gigolo', 'An Officer an...

  Richard Grieco  

  Richard Griffiths   Actor

  Richard Hamilton   Guard for the Detroit Pistons (NBA)

  Richard Hammond   Top Gear Presenter

  Richard Harris   Irish Actor

  Richard Hartley   British composer

  Richard Hartman  

  Richard Hatch  

  Richard Herd   Actor

  Richard Hoak   Retired NFL Player

  Richard Ian Cox   actor

  Richard James  

  Richard Jefferson   Pro Basketball Player

  Richard Jenkins   Actor

  Richard Karn   Actor, 'Home Improvement'

  Richard Kiel   Actor: Jaws in James Bond films

  Richard Kind  

  Richard Kline   Actor, Television Director

  Richard Kruspe   German musician and guitarist

  Richard Lamby   Olympic Hockey Player

  Richard Lewis   Comedian

  Richard Lynch  

  Richard M. Sherman   Composer for Disney

  Richard Marx   Singer/ Songwriter

  Richard Masur  

  Richard Matheson  

  Richard Meredith   Olympic Hockey Player

  Richard Moll   Actor

  Richard Narita  

  Richard Nelson  

  Richard O'Brien   Writer, Actor: Played Riff Raff in Rocky Horror Picture Show

  Richard Patrick   Musician

  Richard Paul Evans   New York Times Best Seiing Author of The Christmas Box

  Richard Peck  

  Richard Petty   Legendary race car driver

  Richard Price  

  Richard Pryor  

  Richard Riehe  

  Richard Riehle   Actor: Office Space

  Richard Roundtree   Actor and former model

  Richard Roxburgh  

  Richard Ruccolo   Actor: Beverly Hills, 90210

  Richard Sanders   Actor, Writer, Producer

  Richard Schaal   Actor: The Cube

  Richard Schiff   Actor, 'West Wing'

  Richard Simmons   Fitness Celebrity

  Richard T. Jones   Actor: Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles

  Richard Taylor   Special Effects - 'The Lord of the Rings'

  Richard Thomas   Actor

  Richard Todd   actor

  Richard White   Actor, Opera Singer, Voice Actor

  Richard Widmark   Actor

  Richard Wilson   Actor, plays Victor Meldrew in 'One Foot in the Grave'

  Richard Wright   Pianist, Keyboardist, 'Pink Floyd'

  Richard Zanuck   Film Producer

  Richie Benaud   Cricket Commentator

  Richie Farmer   Basketball Player, US Political Commissioner

  Richie Havens  

  Richie Lucas  

  Richie McDonald   Former Lead Singer of The Lonestar

  Richie Sambora   Member of 'Bon Jovi'

  Richie Sexson   Pro Baseball Player

  Richmond Braves   Minor League Baseball team

  Rick Adelman  

  Rick Anheuser   Former NBA Basketball Player

  Rick Astley   Singer

  Rick Atkinson  

  Rick Barry   NBA Hall of Famer

  Rick Carelli  

  Rick Carey  

  Rick Cerone   Former Pro Baseball Player

  Rick Cooper   Top Fuel Drag Racer

  Rick Crawford   Race Car Driver

  Rick Dees  

  Rick Dempsey  

  Rick Derringer  

  Rick Ducommun  

  Rick Fox   Basketball Player

  Rick Gomez   Actor: The Adventures of Pete and Pete

  Rick Gonzalez   actor

  Rick Harrison   Businessman, TV Personality

  Rick Hearst   Actor, various soap operas including 'General Hospital' as R...

  Rick Hendrick   NASCAR Teams Owner

  Rick Herrscher   1962 Ny Mets infielder

  Rick Hilsabeck  

  Rick Hoover  

  Rick Huckaby   Country Singer

  Rick Hurst  

  Rick Kehoe   Retired NHL Player

  Rick Kirkman  

  Rick London   Cartoonist

  Rick London   Rapper

  Rick Lowenberg   Musician; Drummer of Brothers Past Band

  Rick Lyon   Actor, Puppeteer

  Rick Manning   Former MLB Player

  Rick Mast   Nascar Driver

  Rick McCallum   Film producer: Star Wars

  Rick Mears  

  Rick Mercer   Canadian comedian

  Rick Miller   Comedian

  Rick Moranis  

  Rick Mount   Former ABA player

  Rick Nash   Ice Hockey Player; the Columbus Blue Jackets

  Rick Neuheisel   UCLA Bruins head football coach

  Rick Ocasek  

  Rick Perry   Governor of Texas

  Rick Porcello   MLB Baseball Player; for the Detroit Tigers

  Rick Reuschel   Former baseballl player

  Rick Riordan   Author; From Texas of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians se...

  Rick Rossovich  

  Rick Rubin   Record Producer

  Rick Savage  

  Rick Schroder   Actor

  Rick Schu   Former Baseball Player

  Rick Springfield   Singer, Musician

  Rick Stein   Chef

  Rick Steiner   Professional Wrestler

  Rick Stelmaszek   Minn. Twins bullpen coach

  Rick Steves   Author

  Rick Trevino  

  Rick Wakeman   Member of 'Yes'

  Rick Wohlhuter   Olympic Middle Distance Runner

  Rick Wrona   Former Baseball Player

  Rick Yune   Actor

  Rick Zombo   Former Hockey Player

  Rickey Smiley   Comedian

  Ricki Lake  

  Rickie Lee Jones  

  Ricky 'The Hitman' Hatton   Boxer

  Ricky Bones   Former Baseball Player

  Ricky Carmichael   Motocross Rider

  Ricky Craven   NASCAR Driver

  Ricky Gervais   Actor, Writer, Director

  Ricky Groves   Actor: EastEnders

  Ricky Jordan   Former Baseball Player

  Ricky Martin   Latin Singer

  Ricky Paull Goldin   Actor: All My Children

  Ricky Rudd   NASCAR Driver

  Ricky Skaggs   Country Singer

  Ricky Steamboat   Former Wrestler

  Ricky Tomlinson   Actor

  Ricky Ullman  

  RICKY VAN SHELTON   country music singer

  Ricky Whittle   Actor

  Rico Petrocelli  


  Ricou Browning  

  Riddick Bowe  

  Rider Strong  

  Riders in the Sky  

  Ridley Pearson   author

  Ridley Scott   Director

  Right Said Fred  

  Right Said Fred   British Pop Band: I'm too sexy

  Righteous Brothers   Singers

  Rihanna   Singer 'Pon De Replay'

  Rik Battaglia  

  Rik Mayall  

  Rikki Lee Travolta   Broadway Actor

  Ring Lardner Jr.  

  ringo star   Musician

  Ringo Starr   Musician, Drummer, 'The Beatles'

  Rinko Kikuchi   Actress: Babel

  Rio Ferdinand   Soccer Player

  Rip Taylor  

  Rip Torn   actor

  Rise Stevens   Opera Singer, Actress

  Rissi Palmer   Country singer

  Rita Coolidge  

  Rita Gam   Actress

  Rita MacNeil   Canadian singer and song writer

  Rita Moreno  

  Rita Rudner  

  Rita Tushingham  

  Rita Wilson   Actress

  Ritch Price   Head Baseball Coach Kansas University

  Ritchie Blackmore   Founding Member of 'Deep Purple' and 'Rainbow'

  Riyo Mori   Miss Universe 2007

  RJ Swindle   MLB Pitching Prospect

  Rob Camelitti  

  Rob Corddry   Actor, Comedian

  Rob Dibble   Former Baseball Player

  Rob Dyrdek   Skateboarding

  Rob Estes   Actor

  Rob Halford   Singer: Band Judas Priest

  Rob Liefeld   Comic Book Artist

  Rob Lowe   actor

  Rob McClanahan   Olympic Hockey Player

  Rob McElhenney   Actor

  Rob Morrow  

  Rob Murphy   Former Baseball Player

  Rob Reiner  

  Rob Reinis   Actor: In the Land of Women

  Rob Roy Fitzgerald  

  Rob Schneider   Comedian, Actor, '50 First Dates'

  Rob Simpson   Actor

  Rob Thomas  

  Rob Van Dam   Wrestler

  Rob Zombie   American Musician and Filmmaker; Founding Member of 'White Z...

  Robb Armstrong  

  Robbie Amell   Actor: Life with Derek

  Robbie Coltrane   Actor

  Robbie Jones   Actor: One Tree Hill: Don't Dream It's Over

  Robbie Knievel   Motorcycle Stuntman

  Robbie Krieger  

  Robbie Magasiva   Mauhśr in 'Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers'

  Robbie Rist  

  Robbie Williams   Singer

  Robby Benson   Actor

  Robby Gordon   NASCAR Driver

  Robby Robinson  

  Robert A. Champine  

  Robert Adamson   Charles on 'Lincoln Heights'

  Robert Altman  

  Robert Axelrod   Voice Talent, Actor

  Robert Ayres   Actor, Boy In The Study Hall in Harry Potter

  Robert B. Porter  

  Robert Ballard   Discovered of the Wrecks of the RMS Titanic

  Robert Bateman   wildlife artist

  Robert Bathurst   Actor

  Robert Bauer  

  Robert Beltran   Actor, 'Star Trek: Voyager'

  Robert Bennett   United States Senator

  Robert Benton  

  Robert Blake   Actor

  Robert Bleier   Football Player

  Robert Block  

  Robert Bouck  

  Robert C. Atkins  

  Robert Carlyle  

  Robert Carradine  

  Robert Clary  

  Robert Colbert  

  Robert Conrad   Actor: BaaBaa black sheep

  Robert Corddry   Actor, Comedian

  Robert Cornthwaite  

  Robert Cray  

  Robert Crumb  

  Robert Culp  

  Robert Davi  

  Robert David Hall   Actor, 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'

  Robert Daws   British Actor

  Robert De Niro   Actor

  Robert DeNiro   Actor: Heat, Cop Land, Cape Fear, The Godfather, Goodfellas,...

  Robert Desiderio  

  Robert Donner  

  Robert Douglas  

  Robert Downey, Jr.   Actor

  Robert Duncan McNeill   Actor: Star Trek Voyager

  Robert Duvall  

  Robert Earley   Actor

  Robert Easton  

  ROBERT ELLIS ORRALL   country music singer

  Robert Englund   Actor

  Robert F. Kennedy Jr.   Son of Robert F. Kennedy

  Robert F. Lyons  

  Robert Finlay   Race Car Driver

  robert floyd   actor

  Robert Forknall   Actor: Doctor Who

  Robert Forster  

  Robert Foxworth  

  Robert Ftorek   Retired NHl Player/Coach

  Robert Fuller  

  Robert Fyfe   Scottish Actor working in England

  Robert Gallo   Doctor, Researcher, Best Known for Identifying the Human Imm...

  Robert Gant   Actor: Teaching Mrs. Tingle

  Robert Garant   Actor, Comedian, Producer, Director, Writer

  Robert Gibson   Astronaut

  Robert Ginty  

  Robert Gorman  

  Robert Goulet  

  Robert Guillaume  

  Robert Hardy   actor

  Robert Hawkins   Actor

  Robert Hays   actor

  Robert Hegyes  

  Robert Hight   Drag Racing

  Robert Hoffman   Actor: She's the Man

  Robert Horton  

  Robert Iger   Disney Chief Executive Officer

  Robert Iler   Actor, 'The Sopranos'

  Robert Irvine   Chef

  Robert Jarvik   Invented The First Artificial Heart, The Jarvik-7

  Robert John Burke  

  Robert Joy   CSI

  Robert Kazinsky   Actor: EastEnders

  Robert Kelly   Singer

  Robert Klein  

  Robert Knepper   Actor: Prison Break

  Robert Kubica   Polish Formula One Racing Driver

  Robert L. Scott  

  Robert Lamm   Musician, Lead singer and keyboardist for 'Chicago'

  Robert Lang  

  Robert Lasardo   Actor - Nip/Tuck, Death Race, Autopsy, Never Down...

  Robert Lindsay   Actor

  Robert Lipton  

  Robert Logan  

  Robert Loggia  

  Robert M. Adams   Singer

  Robert M. White  

  Robert Mailhouse  

  Robert Mammana   Character actor

  Robert Mandan  

  Robert Mandel  

  Robert Markowitz  

  Robert Maschio   Actor, plays Todd on 'Scrubs'

  Robert McNamara  

  Robert Morse   Actor

  Robert Mugabe   President of Zimbabwe

  Robert Munsch   Children's Author

  Robert Novak  

  Robert O'Reilly   Actor: Star Trek

  Robert Osborne   TCM host

  Robert Oswald  

  Robert P. Mulligan  

  Robert Palmer  

  Robert Parish   Former NBA Star

  Robert Pastorelli  

  Robert Patrick   actor

  Robert Pattinson   British Actor, Model, and Musician; Known for Playing 'Edwar...

  Robert Pattison   Actor

  Robert Picardo  

  Robert Plant   Member of 'Led Zeppelin'

  Robert Plante   'Zeppelin

  Robert Prosky  

  Robert Redford   Actor

  Robert Rey   Plastic Surgeon

  Robert Ri'chard   Actor

  Robert Rodriguez   Director, 'Desperado'

  Robert Romanus   Actor: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

  Robert S. Woods   Actor: One Life To Live

  Robert Sacchi  

  Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr.   Former U.S. Ambassador to France

  Robert Schuller  

  Robert Schwartzman   actor

  Robert Sciglimpaglia   Voice Actor

  Robert Shapiro  

  Robert Smith   Guitarist, Vocalist and Songwriter: The Cure

  Robert Stack  

  Robert Sterling   Actor

  Robert Stewart   Retired NHL Defenceman

  Robert Summerhalder   Racecar Driver

  Robert Taft Jr   Great Grandson Of Pres. William Howard Taft

  Robert Thirsk   Former Astronaut

  Robert Tovey  

  Robert Townsend  

  Robert Trebor  

  Robert Urich  

  Robert Vaughn  

  Robert Wagner   Actor, 'Hart To Hart' TV show

  Robert Wahlberg   Actor: The Departed

  Robert Walden   Actor

  Robert Walker Jr  

  Robert Webb   British Comedian, Actor, Writer

  Robert Wisdom   Actor: Face/Off

  Robert Wise  

  Robert Wuhl  

  Robert Zemeckis  

  Roberta Capua   Italian TV Presenter

  Roberta Flack  

  Roberta Gonzales   Meteorologist

  Roberta Peters  

  Roberta Shore  

  Roberto Alomar  

  Roberto Benigni  

  Roberto Duran   Retired Pro Boxer

  Roberto Guerrero  

  Roberto Hernandez   Former Baseball Player

  Robin Atkin Downes   Actor: Disaster Movie

  Robin Bartlett  

  Robin Byrd  

  Robin Cook  

  Robin Freeman  

  Robin Gibb  

  Robin Givens   Actress

  Robin Ignico   Actress (Annie)

  Robin Lamorte  

  Robin Leach  

  Robin Mattson  

  Robin McKee   Actress: Star Trek

  Robin Meade   CNN Anchor: Morning Express with Robin

  Robin Quivers  

  Robin Roberts   Baseball Player

  Robin Roberts   Journalist: Co-anchor of ABC's Good Morning America

  Robin Shou   actor

  Robin Strasser   Actress: One Life To Live

  Robin Thicke   Singer

  Robin Tunney   Actress

  Robin Weigert   Actress

  Robin Williams   Actor

  Robin Wright   Actress

  Robin Yount   Former Baseball Player

  robinson Cano   baseball player

  Robson Green   Actor

  Robyn Denny  

  Robyn Peterson  

  Robyn Regier   Pro Ice Hockey Player

  Rocco Baldelli   MLB Baseball player; for the Boston Red Sox

  Rocco Mediate   Pro Golfer

  Rochdale AFC   English Professional Football Club

  Rochelle Aytes   Actress: White Chicks

  Rochelle Oliver   Theater work

  Rochester Redwings   Minor League Baseball team

  Rocki Mountains  

  Rockmond Dunbar   Actor

  Rocky Bleier   Former American Football Player; Played Halfback for the 'Pi...

  Rocky Bridges   1951-2 Brooklyn Dodger MLB player

  Rocky Carroll   Actor

  Rocky Long   Head football coach: University of New Mexico

  Rocoo DiSpirito   American Chef, Dancer: Dancing with the Stars

  Rod Arrants  

  Rod Bernard  

  Rod Blagojevich   Illinois Governor

  Rod Brewer   Former Baseball Player

  Rod Brind'Amour   Canadian Pro Hockey Player

  Rod Carew  

  Rod Gaspar   1969 NY Met outfielder

  Rod Laver   Former Tennis Player from Australia

  Rod McKuen  

  Rod Steiger  

  Rod Stewart   Singer

  Rod Taylor   Actor

  Rod Woodson   Former NFL football player, Pittsburgh Steelers & Baltimore ...

  Rodd Wolff   Actor, Stuntman

  Rodger Corser   Actor: Rush, Underbelly

  Rodger Craig   Retired MLB Pitcher

  Rodney A. Grant  

  Rodney Atkins   Country Music Artist

  Rodney Carrington   stand-up comic, country musician

  Rodney Dangerfield  

  Rodney Harrison   NFL football player

  Rodney King  

  Rodney Mullen   Professional Skateboarder

  Rodrigo Santoro   Actor

  Roger Ailes  

  Roger Allam   tv, stage

  Roger Bannister  

  Roger Bart   Actor

  Roger Branca  

  Roger Caras  

  Roger Christian   Olympic Hockey Player

  Roger Clemens   Baseball Player

  Roger Corman  

  Roger Craig   Former American Football Player; Played Running Back in the ...

  Roger Daltrey   Lead Singer of 'The Who'

  Roger Dean Stadium  

  Roger Donlon   the first man to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor du...

  Roger E. Mosley  

  Roger Ebert  

  Roger Espinoza   Soccer

  Roger Federer   Professional Tennis Player

  Roger Glover   Bassist: Deep Purple

  roger goodell   Football Commish

  Roger Hall  

  Roger Howarth  

  Roger Kingdom  

  Roger Lloyd-Pack   Actor, 'Only Fools and Horses', 'The Vicar Of Dibley', 'Doct...

  Roger Mason   Former Baseball Player

  Roger Mears  

  Roger Moore  

  Roger Moret   Star Pitcher 1975 Boston Red Sox

  Roger Mudd  

  Roger Penske  

  Roger Repoz   60's 70's Yankee, KC, LA MLB HR hitter & OF

  Roger Salkeld   Former Baseball Player

  Roger Smith   actor

  Roger Staubach   Former American Football Player in the National Football Lea...

  Roger Taylor   Member of the band 'Queen'

  Roger Waters   Singer, Member of 'Pink Floyd'

  Roger Williams   Pianist, Musician

  Rogue   Musician, Lead Singer of the band Cruxshadows

  Rokusaburo Michiba   Japanese Cuisine Chef; on the television series Iron Chef

  Roland Emerich  

  Roland Emmerich   German Director/Producer/Writer

  Roland Martin   Professional Fisherman

  Rolf Harris   Australian entertainer

  Rollie Fingers   Former American Baseball Player; Played for the Oakland Athl...

  Rollo Weeks   actor

  Roma Downey   Actress: Touched by an Angel

  Roma Maffia   Actress

  Roman Gabriel  

  Roman Mejias   HR champ 1962 Houston Colt .45's

  Roman Polanski  

  Rome Kanda   Japanese Comedian and Actor

  Romola Garai   actor

  Romuald Andrzej Klos   actor

  Ron   Italian Singer, His real name is Rosalino Cellamare

  Ron Artest   Professional Basketball Player

  Ron Barfield   NASCAR Driver

  Ron Bolton  

  Ron Bushy   Drummer for Iron Butterfly

  Ron Campbell   Babylon 5

  Ron Cey  

  Ron Cook   British Actor

  Ron Dante   Music Producer/ Singer

  Ron Darling   Former Mets and A's Pitcher

  Ron Eldard   Actor

  Ron Ely  

  Ron Faber   Actor

  Ron Ferdinand  

  Ron Glass  

  Ron Guidry  

  Ron Harper  

  Ron Hawking   Singer and Voice-Over Announce for Broadcast Commercials

  Ron Hextall   Retired NHL Goalie

  Ron Hornaday   NASCAR Driver

  Ron Howard   Actor, Director, Producer

  ron hunt   former MLB player

  Ron Hutchison  

  Ron Jaworski   Former Football Player

  Ron Jeremy   Adult Film Star

  Ron Kittle   Former Baseball Player

  Ron Kovic  

  Ron Kuhlman  

  Ron Laird  

  Ron Lester   actor

  Ron Livingston   Actor, 'Office Space', 'Little Black Book', 'Band of Brother...

  Ron Melendez  

  Ron Meyer  

  Ron Mix   Football Player

  Ron Moody   British Actor

  Ron Nischwitz   Former Baseball Player

  Ron Paul   Presidential Candidate, Congressman from Texas

  Ron Perlman   Actor

  Ron Popeil   Inventor, Marketing Personality

  Ron Reagan Jr   Son of President Ronald Reagen

  Ron Rifkin  

  Ron Roy   Children's Book Author

  Ron Santo   Former MLB Baseball Player; for the Chicago Cubs

  Ron Schock   Retired Pro Hockey

  Ron Shelton   Director

  Ron Shepherd   Former Baseball Player

  Ron Silver   Actor

  Ron Swoboda   Baseball Player

  Ron White   Comedian

  Rona Barrett   Gossip columnist, Businesswoman

  Ronald Bass  

  Ronald Falk   Voice of Dexter Jettster from Star Wars

  Ronald Fraser  

  Ronald Harwood   Director

  Ronald Macky   US Speedskater

  Ronald Neame   Director

  Ronald Nitschke   German Actor

  Ronald Reagan  

  Ronaldinho Gaucho   Soccer Player

  Ronaldo   Brazilian Soccer player

  Ronan Keating   Member of 'Boyzone'

  Ronde Barber   NFL Football Player

  Roni Stoneman  

  Ronn Moss  

  Ronna Reeves  

  Ronni Ancona   Actress

  Ronnie Belliard   Pro Baseball Player

  Ronnie Corbett   Comedian

  Ronnie James Dio   Heavy Metal Singer

  Ronnie Lott  

  Ronnie McDowell   American Country Music Artist

  Ronnie Milsap  

  Ronnie O'Sullivan   Pro Snooker Player

  Ronnie Schell  

  Ronnie Spector   Lead Singer of 'The Ronettes'

  Ronnie Wood   Guitarist for Rolling Stones

  Ronny Cox  

  Ronny Yu   Director/actor

  RonReaco Lee   Actor

  Rooster   Music band

  Rory Cochrane   actor

  Rory Jennings   Actor, 'Doctor Who', 'The Bill'

  Rory Kennedy  

  Rosa Blasi  

  Rosa Parks   African American civil rights activist

  Rosalind Cash  

  Rosalind Chao  

  Rosalyn Sumners  

  Rosalynn Carter   Ex-First Lady of the United States

  Rosamunde Hartley   Theater Actress

  Rosanna Arquette   Actress, Director, Producer

  Rosanne Cash  

  Rosanne Sorrentino   Actress (Annie)

  Rosario Dawson   Actress

  Rosci   Honduran TV Host, Real Name: Raquel Roxanne Diaz

  Roscoe Bowltree  

  Roscoe Gordon  

  Rose Byrne  

  Rose Folder-Powell   AAGPBL HOF Women's Baseball

  Rose Hobart  

  Rose Marie  

  Rose McGowan   Actress

  Rose Rollins   Actress: The L Word

  Rose Royal Court 2010   Tournament of Roses Royal Court 2010

  Roseanne   Comedian, Actress

  Roselyn Sanchez   Actress

  Rosemary Casals   Former Professional Tennis Player

  Rosemary Clooney   Singer, Actress

  Rosemary DeCamp  

  Rosemary Forsyth   Actress

  Rosemary Harris   Actress, 'Spider-Man' 1,2 & 3

  Rosemary Leach   British Actress

  Rosemary Ruether  

  Rosette LeNoire  

  Rosey Grier  

  Roshon Fegan   Actor

  Rosie Casals  

  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley   Model, Actress

  Rosie O'Donnell   Talk Show Host, Actress

  Rosie Perez   Actress

  Ross Kemp   Grant Mitchell in Eastenders

  Ross Lynch   Singer in rock band R5, Actor in Disney Channel's Austin & A...

  Ross Mallinger  

  Ross Noble   British Comedian

  Ross Patterson   Actor, 'The New Guy'

  Ross Perot   Billionaire, 3rd party presidential candidate, businessman

  Ross Thomas   Actor, 'Beyond the Break'

  Ross Wachsman   Producer/ Editor

  Rosy Armen   Singer

  Round Rock Express   Minor League Baseball team

  Rove McManus   TV Presenter

  Rowan Atkinson   Actor, 'Mr. Bean'

  Roxann Biggs-Dawson   Actress

  Roxanne Beckford  

  Roxanne Hall  

  Roxanne Hart   Actress

  Roxanne McKee   British Actress: Plays Louise Summers in Hollyoaks

  Roxanne Pallett   Actress

  Roxette   Music Group

  Roxy Blue  

  Roy Carter  

  Roy Castle  

  Roy Clark  

  Roy Disney   President of the Walt Disney Company

  Roy Dotrice  

  Roy Drusky  

  Roy Dupuis  

  Roy Face   1960 Pittsburgh Pirates star relief pitcher

  Roy Firestone  

  Roy Hagrove   Jazz Trumpeter

  Roy Halladay   MLB Pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays

  Roy Huang   Actor

  Roy Jones Jr.   Boxer

  Roy Keane   Football, Soccer, Former Man Utd player, Ipswich Manager

  Roy Lee Williams   NFL Player; Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions

  Roy Lichtenstein  

  Roy Marble   Basketball Player

  Roy Neuberger   American Financier

  Roy Oswalt   MLB Player; for Houston Astros

  Roy Partee  

  Roy Scheider   Actor: Jaws

  Roy Smalley, Jr.   Baseball Player

  Roy Stuart  

  Roy Thinnes   Actor: The Invaders

  Roy Thomas   Former Baseball Player

  Roy Vaughn  

  Roy Williams   University of North Carolina men's basketball head coach

  Royal Canadian Air Force   Comedy Troupe

  Royal Dano  

  Roz Chast  

  Roz Kelly  

  Ruben Bjorkman   Olympic Hockey Player

  Ruben Gotay   Pro Baseball Player

  Rubens Barrichello   F1 Racer

  Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter   Boxer

  Ruby Dee  

  Ruby Muhammad   Wife of Nation Of Islam Founder

  Ruby Turner   Singer

  Ruby Wax   Comedienne

  Rudi Johnson   NFL Football Player

  Rudolf Martin   Actor: All My Children

  Rudolph W. Giuliani   Former Mayor of New York City

  Rudolph Wendelin  

  Rudy Coby  

  Rudy Galindo  

  Rudy Ruettiger   Real Rudy that inspired 1993 film with Sean Astin

  Rudy Sarzo   Musician: Band Quiet Riot

  Rudy Youngblood   Actor: Apocalypto

  Rue McClanahan   Actress, 'The Golden Girls'


  Rufus Sewell   Actor

  Rufus Wainwright   Singer/ Songwriter


  Rulon Gardner   Olympic Wrestler

  Rumer Willis   Actress: The House Bunny

  RuPaul   Actor, Singer

  Rupert Boneham   Survivor Contestant

  Rupert Everett   Actor, 'My Best Friends Wedding'

  Rupert Friend   Actor, 'The Libertine'

  Rupert Grint   Actor

  Rupert Jee   Entrepreneur, Television Celebrity, 'Late Show with David Le...

  Rupert Murdoch  

  Rupert Penry-Jones   British Actor


  Rush Limbaugh   Author, American Radio Host, Television Personality

  Russ Kemmerer   1963 Houston Colt .45's pitcher

  Russ Meyer  

  Russ Tamblyn   Actor

  Russell Amerasekera   TV Presenter

  Russell Brand   British Presenter, Comedian, Actor

  Russell Crowe   Actor, 'Gladiator'

  Russell Hornsby   Actor

  Russell Howard   Comedian

  Russell Johnson   Actor: Gilligan's Island

  Russell Martin   Baseball Player

  Russell Means   Actor

  Russell Peters   Comedian

  Russell Sams   Actor: The Rules of Attraction

  Russell Simmons   Founder of Def Jam, Phat Farm & CEO of Rush Com

  Russell Streiner  

  russell tovey   UK series being human

  Russell Westbrook   Basketball Player

  Russell Wong   Actor

  Russi Taylor   Voice Artist - The Simpsons, Minnie Mouse

  Rusty Wallace  

  Ruta Lee  

  Rutger Hauer   Actor

  Ruth Ann Minner   Delaware Governor

  Ruth Buzzi  

  Ruth Hussey  

  Ruth L. Robinson   Actress: Memories of Oz

  Ruth Westheimer  

  Ruth Wilson   British Actress: Jane Eyre

  Ruud Van Nistelrooy   Soccer Player

  Ry Cooder  

  Ryan Adams   singer

  Ryan Bedford   US Speedskater

  Ryan Bollman   Actor

  Ryan Bradley   Figure Skater

  Ryan Braun   MLB Baseball Slugger: Milwaukee Brewers

  Ryan Cabrera   Singer

  Ryan Carnes   Actor: General Hospital

  Ryan Cassidy  

  Ryan Church   Pro Baseball Player

  Ryan Cooley   Actor: I Was a Sixth Grade Alien

  Ryan Corr   Actor

  Ryan Costello   Baseball player

  Ryan DeBoer  

  Ryan Dempster   Pro Baseball Player

  Ryan Dunn   Jackass TV/Movie

  Ryan Eggold   Actor: 90210

  Ryan Freel   Pro Baseball Player

  Ryan Giggs   English Football (soccer) Player

  Ryan Gosling   Actor

  Ryan Grant   Football Player: Running Back for Green Bay Packers

  Ryan Hanigan   MLB Baseball Player; for the Cincinnati Reds

  Ryan Hansen   Actor

  Ryan Hawblitzel   Former Baseball Player

  Ryan Howard   Pro Baseball Player

  Ryan Kelley   Actor - Smallville, Prayers for Bobby

  Ryan Key   Lead Singer of Yellowcard

  Ryan Leslie   Singer/ Producer

  Ryan Liestman   Pianist

  Ryan Malgarini   Actor: Freaky Friday

  Ryan Merriman   Actor

  Ryan Molloy   Actor, Singer, Songwriter

  Ryan Moloney   Actor

  Ryan Nece   Linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  Ryan Nelson   Kiwi (NZ) Football Player

  Ryan Newman   NASCAR Driver

  Ryan O'Neal  

  Ryan Opray   Survivor: Pearl Islands Contestant

  Ryan Phillippe   Actor

  Ryan Philpott   Actor

  Ryan Pinkston   actor

  Ryan Reynolds   Canadian-American Actor, Comedian, Film Producer, and Screen...

  Ryan Robbins   actor

  Ryan Sampson   British Actor

  Ryan Seacrest   Host of American Idol

  Ryan Sheckler   Skateboarder

  Ryan Simpkins   Child Actress, 'SherryBaby'

  Ryan Slater  

  Ryan Stiles   Actor, Comedian

  Ryan Styles  

  Ryan Wilson  

  Ryan Zimmerman   MLB- Third Baseman- Washinton Nationals

  Ryne Sanborn   Actor: High School Musical

  Ryne Sandberg   Baseball Hall of Famer

  Ryuhei Kitamura   Japanese Director

  Ryuji Imada   Japanese Golf Player

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