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Celebrity Addresses Starting With P

  P.B. Kerr   Author

  P.J. Hogan   Director, Writer

  P.J. Soles   Actress

  Paco Rabanne   Fashion Designer

  Paddy Considine   Actor, Filmmaker, Musician

  Padma Lakshmi   Author, Actress, Model

  Page Ackerman   Former Librarian at UCLA

  Paget Brewster   Actress, Singer

  Paige Davis   TV Personality, Actress

  Paige Hemmis   TV Personality (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition)

  Paige O'Hara   Voice Actress, Singer

  Paige Turco   Actress

  Paloma Faith   Singer, Songwriter, Actress

  Pam Dawber   Actress

  Pam Ferris   Actress

  Pam Grier   Actress

  Pam Shriver   Tennis Player

  Pam Tillis   Singer, Songwriter

  Pamela Abas-Ross   Actress

  Pamela Anderson   Actress, Model

  Pamela Bellwood   Actress

  Pamela Gidley   Actress, Model

  Pamela Hayden   Actress, Voice Actress (The Simpsons)

  Pamela Hensley   Actress, Author

  Pamela Reed   Actress

  Pamela Roylance   Actress

  Pamela Saino   Italian Actress

  Pamela Smart   Convicted Murderer

  Pamela Sue Martin   Actress

  Pamela Susan Shoop   American Actress; Starred in 'Halloween II', 'Return to Peyt...

  Pandro S. Berman   Producer

  Panic! At The Disco   Rock Band

  Panou Mowling   Actor: Stargate: Atlantis

  Paola Lezzi   Italian Singer

  Paolo Montalban  

  Paolo Nutini   Singer

  Papa Roach   Band

  Paradise Lost   British Heavy Metal Band

  Paramore   Punk band

  Paramount Pictures   Movies

  Paris Bennett   Singer, American Idol (2006)

  Paris Hilton   Heiress

  Paris Latsis   Greek Shipping Heir - Paris Hiltons Ex

  Paris Themmen   Actor

  Park Overall   Actress

  Parker Posey   Actress

  Parker Stevenson  

  Parminder Nagra   Actress

  Parnelli Jones  

  Parry Shen   Tru Calling & First Daughter

  Parvati Shallow   Survivor: Cook Island Contestant

  Pascal Leclaire   Pro Hockey Player

  Pascale Picard   Canadian Singer

  Pat Benatar  

  Pat Boone   Actor, Singer

  Pat Brady  

  Pat Brown   HOF ballplayer, in AAGPBL

  Pat Buchanan  

  Pat Carroll  

  Pat Cash  

  Pat Conroy  

  Pat Corrales   Former Baseball Player

  pat crowley   please dont eat daisies

  Pat Day   Hall of Fame Jockey

  Pat Haden  

  Pat Harrington  

  Pat Hingle   Actor

  Pat Kelly  

  Pat Metheny Group  

  Pat Neshek   MLB Baseball Pitcher

  Pat O'Brien   Host of 'The Insider'

  Pat Priest   Actress: Here Come the Munsters

  Pat Robertson  

  Pat Sajak   Host of 'Wheel of Fortune'

  Pat Summitt   Coach: The Tennessee Lady Vols basketball Team

  Pat Travers  

  Patch Adams  

  Patch MacKenzie  

  Patrica Neal  

  Patrice Chanel  

  Patrice O'Neal   Actor: The Office

  Patricia Arquette  

  Patricia Barry  

  Patricia Clarkson   Actress

  Patricia Clarkston  

  Patricia Cornwell   International Bestselling Author

  Patricia Crowley  

  Patricia Heaton   Actress, 'Everybody Loves Raymond'

  Patricia Hodge  

  Patricia Kalember  

  Patricia McCormick   Former Female Diver; Olympic Gold Medal

  Patricia Medina  

  Patricia Neal   Actress: Brreakfast at Tiffany's

  Patricia Richardson   actress

  Patricia Roc   British Actress

  Patricia Routledge   Actress

  Patricia Valasquez  

  Patricia Wettig  

  Patrick Bauchau   Actor

  Patrick Baudry  

  Patrick Bergin  

  Patrick Caddell  

  Patrick Cassidy  

  Patrick Cranshaw   Actor: Bubble Boy, Best in Show, Old School

  Patrick Crayton   NFL Football Player: Dallas Cowboys

  Patrick Dempsey   American Actor and Race Car Driver; Best Known for His Role ...

  Patrick Duffy   Actor

  Patrick Ewing  

  Patrick Fabian   Actor

  Patrick Fugit   Actor

  Patrick Godfrey   Actor

  Patrick Higgins   Actor: Acceptable Levels

  Patrick Kane   Ice Hockey Player

  Patrick Kennedy   SON OF TED KENNEDY

  Patrick Kerney   NFL Player

  Patrick Lennon   Former Baseball Player

  Patrick Macmanus   Actor: "American Dreams"

  Patrick Macnee  

  Patrick McDonnell  

  Patrick McGoohan   actor

  Patrick McGuinness   Comedian

  Patrick Meek   US Speedskater

  Patrick Muldoon  

  Patrick O'Brien Demsey   Actor: Miracle

  Patrick Rafter   Australian tennis player

  Patrick Roy   Former NHL Goalie

  Patrick Stewart   Actor

  Patrick Stump   Musician, 'Fall Out Boy'

  Patrick Swayze   Actor, 'Dirty Dancing'

  Patrick Warburton  

  Patrick Wayne  

  Patrick Wilson   Broadway actor

  Patrika Darbo  

  Patrizia Pellegrino   Italian Actress

  Patsy Byrne   Actress

  Patsy Kensit   Actress

  Patsy Pease  

  Patti Andrews  

  Patti Austin  

  Patti Davis  

  Patti Deutsch  

  Patti LaBelle   American Singer, Actress, and Entrepreneur; Known as the 'Go...

  Patti LuPone   Actress: Life Goes On

  Patti Moise  

  Patti Page   Singer

  Patti Scialfa   Singer: Band Member of E Street Band

  Patti Smith   Singer

  Patton Oswalt   Actor

  Patty Berg  

  Patty Duke   Actress

  Patty Hearst  

  Patty Judge   Lieutenant Governor of Iowa

  Patty Loveless  

  Patty Wagstaff   Aviator

  Pau Gasol   Basketball Player

  Paul & Mary Peter  

  Paul Abbott   Baseball Player

  Paul Accola  

  Paul Adelstein   Actor

  Paul Ainsley   Actor: American Raspberry

  Paul Allen   Author

  Paul Anka  

  Paul Auster   Writer, Film Director

  Paul Azinger  

  Paul Bartel  

  Paul Bearer   Wrestling Manager

  Paul Benedict  

  Paul Bettany   Actor, The Da Vinci Code, Master & Commander

  Paul Blackthorn   British Actor and Photographer

  Paul Blake   Actor: "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope"

  Paul Brandt   Canadian Country Singer

  Paul Bryant   Radio DJ, Whoopi's sidekick on Wake Up with Whoopi radio sho...

  Paul Carafotes  

  Paul Chapman  

  Paul Coffey   Pro Hockey Defencemen

  Paul Colwell   Professional Bowler

  Paul Comi   Actor

  Paul Cram   actor 'The Undeserted'

  Paul Dade   Former Baseball Player

  Paul Dale   Actor

  Paul Daniels   British magician

  Paul Dano   Actor, 'Fastfood Nation', 'Little Miss Sunshine'

  Paul DiGiovanni   Singer, 'Boys Like Girls'

  Paul Dillett  

  Paul DiMeo   Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

  Paul Dooley  

  Paul Ellering   Professional Wrestling Manager

  Paul Faries   Former Baseball Player

  Paul Fox   Actor

  Paul Freeman   Actor: Played Belloq in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost A...

  Paul Fusco   Voice Artist: Creator and puppeteer of ALF

  Paul Ganus   Actor

  Paul Gertner  

  Paul Giamatti   Actor

  Paul Gibson   Former Baseball Player

  Paul Giel  

  Paul Gleason  

  paul goddard   Actor - Matrix, Farscape

  Paul Gross   Actor

  Paul Gruber   Former Football Player

  Paul Guilfoyle   Actor, plays Captain Jim Brass on 'CSI'

  Paul Haggis   Director

  Paul Hamm   Gymnast

  Paul Harvey  

  Paul Hawken   Author

  Paul Hayes   Actor

  Paul Henshall   actor, holby city

  Paul Heyman   Professional Wrestler

  Paul Hogan   Actor

  Paul Horning  

  Paul Hornung  

  Paul James   Actor

  Paul Janish   MLB Reds player

  Paul Johansson   Actor

  Paul Johnson   Pro Hockey Player

  Paul Kersey  

  Paul Kirby   Actor

  Paul Konerko   Pro Baseball Player

  Paul Korver  

  Paul Koslo   Actor

  Paul Krause  

  Paul Le Mat  

  Paul Leyden   Actor: As the World Turns

  Paul Lieberstein   Actor, 'The Office'

  Paul Linke  

  Paul Lukather   Actor: Hands of a Stranger

  Paul Malignaggi   Boxer: IBF World Light Welterweight Champion

  Paul Mantee   Actor, 'Robinson Crusoe on Mars'

  Paul Mazursky  

  Paul McCarthy   Navy Admiral

  Paul McCartney   Singer

  Paul McCrane   actor

  Paul McGann   Actor

  Paul McGillion   Actor, 'Stargate: Atlantis'

  Paul McGuinness   U2 band manager

  Paul Menard   Nascar Driver

  Paul Michael Glaser   Actor, Director

  Paul Mirabella   Former Pro Baseball Player

  Paul Molitor  

  Paul Mooney   Writer, Actor

  Paul Naschy  

  Paul Newman   Actor

  Paul Nicholas   Actor

  Paul Noce   Former Baseball Player

  Paul O'Grady   The New Paul O'Grady Show

  Paul O'Neill   Former Baseball Player

  Paul Oakenfold   DJ/ Singer

  Paul Overstreet  

  Paul Pepperman  

  Paul Petersen   Actor

  Paul Potts   Singer

  Paul Prudhomme   Chef

  Paul Rankin   Chef

  Paul Reiser   American Actor, Author and Stand-up Comedian

  Paul Reubens   Pee Wee Herman

  Paul Rodriguez   Latino Actor and Comedian

  Paul Rodriguez   Pro Skateboarder

  Paul Rogers  

  Paul Rudd   Actor

  Paul Runge   Former MLB player

  Paul Ryan   Cartoonist: The Phantom for King Features Syndicate

  Paul Sadler   Actor

  Paul Scheer   Comedian, Actor

  Paul Scholes   English Footballer

  Paul Schrader  

  Paul Scofield   Actor

  Paul Shaffer  

  Paul Simon  

  Paul Sorvino   Actor

  Paul Soter   Actor and Writer

  Paul Stanley  

  Paul Sutera  

  Paul Tagliabue   NFL Commissioner

  Paul Teutul, Jr.   Co-Founder of Orange County Choppers

  Paul Teutul, Sr.   Founder of Orange County Choppers

  Paul Thomas Anderson   Director, Writer, Producer

  Paul Tracy   race car driver

  Paul Trussell   Actor

  Paul Verhoeven  

  Paul Vogt   Actor

  Paul Volcker   Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve (USA)

  Paul Walker   Actor

  Paul Warfield  

  Paul Weitz   Director

  Paul Weller  

  Paul Whitehouse   British Comedian, Actor

  Paul Wight   WWE, Actor

  Paul Williams  

  Paul Wilson   Baseball Player

  Paul Winchell  

  Paul Winfield  

  Paul Wylie  

  Paul Young   Pop Musician

  Paula Abdul   Singer

  Paula Barbieri  

  Paula Cale  

  Paula Deanda   Singer/ Actress

  Paula Deen   Writer, Chef on the Food Network

  Paula Hawkins   Author

  Paula Kelly  

  Paula Marshall  

  Paula Martin  

  Paula Poundstone  

  Paula Prentiss   Actress

  Paula Price  

  Paula Raymond  

  Paula Wilcox   Actress: Played Chrissy Plummer in Man About the House

  Paula Zahn   CNN Anchor

  Paulette Carlson  

  Pauley Perrette   Actress, 'NCIS'

  Paulina Porizkova  

  Pauline Collins   Actress

  Pauline Quirke   British Actress

  Paulo Costanzo   Actor, 'Joey', 'Road Trip'

  Pauly Shore   Actor

  Pavan Grover   actor

  Pavel Datsyuk   Pro Hockey Player

  Pavel Nedved   Czech Football Player

  Pawn Stars   Pawn Stars

  Pawtucket Red Sox   Minor League Baseball team

  Paz Vega   Actress


  Peabo Bryson   R&B Singer, Songwriter

  Peaches Geldof   British Socialite and Occasional Broadcaster

  Pearl Jam   Rock Band

  Pedro Almodovar Caballero   Spanish film director, screenwriter, producer

  Pedro Feliz   Pro Baseball Player

  Pedro Guerrero  

  Pedro Martinez   Pro Baseball Player

  Pee Wee King  

  Peggy Cummins   Actress

  Peggy Dow  

  Peggy Fleming   Figure Skater, Gold Medalist

  Peggy Lee  

  Peggy Lipton   Actress

  peggy mccay   days of our lives

  Peggy Moran  

  Peggy Ryan  

  Peggy Stewart  


  Pendragons, The  

  Penelope Ann Miller   Actress

  Penelope Cruz   Actress

  Penelope Keith   Actress

  Penelope Spheeris  

  Penelope Wilton  

  Penguins, The  

  Penn & Teller   Magician

  Penn Badgley   Actor

  Penn State Football Team   Big Ten college football team

  Penny Benner  

  Penny Fuller  

  Penny Hardaway   NBA basketball player, appeared in 'Blue Chips' with Nick No...

  Penny Johnson Jerald   Actress: October Road, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  Penny Lancaster   English Model, Photographer

  Penny Marshall   Actress, Producer, Director

  Penny Singleton  

  Pentangle, The  

  Pepe Reina   Goal keeper for Liverpool FC; His real name is Josť Manuel R...

  Percy Sledge  

  Perez Hilton   Celebrity Gossip

  Peri Gilpin  

  Pernell Roberts  

  Pernilla August   Actress

  pernilla lindberg   Lady golfer

  Perry Como  

  Perry Farrell   Singer: Jane's Addiction

  Perry King   actor

  Pet Shop Boys   Band

  Peta Wilson   Actress

  Pete Banaszak  

  Pete Best  

  Pete Burns   Lead Singer of Dead Or Alive

  Pete Carroll   Football Coach

  Pete Chilton   Musician: Bassist for the punk band Bane

  Pete Dawkins   Football Player

  Pete Doherty   Musician

  Pete Escovedo  

  Pete Fountain  

  Pete Hillier   TV Presenter, 'Boogie Beebies'

  Pete Newell   Olympic Basketball Player

  Pete Postlethwaite   Actor: Sharpe (Obidiah)

  Pete Quaife   Bassist, 'The Kinks'

  Pete Redfern   Former Baseball Player

  Pete Rose   Former Baseball Player

  Pete Sampras   American Tennis Player

  Pete Seeger  

  Pete Smith   Former Baseball Player

  Pete Townshend   Played in the Rock and Roll Band 'The Who'

  Pete Weber   Professional Bowler

  Pete Wentz   Bass Guitarist - Fall Out Boy

  Pete Willis   Guitarist, 'Def Leppard'

  Peter Andre   pop singer

  Peter Asher  

  Peter Badger   Actor: Doctor Who

  Peter Bagdanovic  

  Peter Barton  

  Peter Benchley  

  Peter Berg  

  Peter Bergman  

  Peter Billingsley   actor

  Peter Bogdanovich  

  Peter Bonerz  

  Peter Boulware   Pro Football Player

  Peter Bowles   British Actor

  Peter Boyle  

  Peter Breck  

  Peter Brown   Former Assistent to The Beatles

  Peter Case  

  Peter Cattaneo  

  Peter Cetara  

  Peter Cetera   Musician

  Peter Clayton-Luce   Actor: The Strangers

  Peter Coe  

  Peter Coors   Cairman of the Coors Brewing Company

  Peter Coyote  

  Peter Criss   Musician: Drummer for Kiss

  Peter Crouch   Football Player

  Peter Cullen   Voice Actor, Optimus Prime in 'Transformers'

  Peter Dante   Actor, Little Nicky, 50 First Dates, Mr Deeds, Wedding Singe...

  Peter Davison  

  Peter DeLuise  

  Peter Dinklage   Actor

  Peter Dobson  

  Peter Donat  

  Peter Duchin  

  Peter Fabers   Actor

  Peter Facinelli   American Actor and Producer; Known for Playing Dr. Carlisle ...

  Peter Falk   Actor

  Peter Farrelly  

  Peter Fill   Alpine Skier

  Peter Fonda   Actor

  Peter Forsberg  

  Peter Frampton   Musician

  Peter Fricke   German Actor

  Peter Funt   Host Of Candid Camera, Producer

  Peter G. Klein   TV Personality (CMM Live), Economist

  Peter Gabriel  

  Peter Gallagher   Actor

  Peter Gammons  

  Peter Gevisser   Actor

  Peter Graves   7th Heaven

  Peter Greenaway   Director

  Peter Gruber  

  Peter Haskell  

  Peter Horton  

  Peter Howell   Actor, 'Doctor Who - The Mutants'

  Peter Hyams  

  Peter Jackson   Director, Lord of the Rings

  Peter Jacobsen  

  Peter Jason   Actor: starred in many of John Carpenter's early films

  Peter Jennings  

  Peter Jurasik   Actor, 'Babylon 5'

  Peter Kay   Comment: 'agent' / British Actor/Comedian

  Peter Krause   Actor: Dirty Sexy Money, 6 Feet Under

  Peter Laird   Ninja Turtles

  Peter Lupus  

  Peter MacNicol   Actor and Director

  Peter Mark Richman   Actor: Batman Beyond

  Peter Marshall  

  Peter Max  

  Peter Mayhew   Actor

  Peter McKenzie   Elendil in 'Lord of the Rings'

  Peter Medak  

  Peter Mensah   Actor - Jason X, 300

  Peter Nero  

  Peter Noone  

  Peter North   Adult Film Star

  Peter O'Fallon   Director

  Peter O'Toole   Actor: Lawrence of Arabia

  Peter Onorati  

  Peter Ostrum   Actor, Charlie Bucket in 'Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Fac...

  Peter OToole  

  Peter Paige  

  Peter Parros   American Actor, Screenwriter

  Peter Purves  

  Peter Reckel  

  Peter Reckell   actor

  Peter Riegert   Actor

  Peter Sagal   Author

  Peter Sallis   British Actor, voice of Wallace in the 'Wallace and Gromit' ...

  Peter Sarsgaard   Actor, The Skeleton Key, Flightplan, Jarhead

  Peter Scanavino   Actor

  Peter Scolari   Actor, 'Newhart', 'Bosom Buddies'

  Peter Siragusa   Actor: Love Don't Cost a Thing

  Peter Stastny   Hockey Hall of Famer

  Peter Stebbings   Actor: K-19: The Widowmaker

  Peter Stenson   Actor: Doctor Who

  Peter Stormare   Actor

  Peter Straub  

  Peter Strauss  

  Peter Sumner   Actor, Director: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

  Peter Tait   Shagrat in 'Lord of the Rings'

  Peter Tom Willis   Former Football Player

  Peter Tork   Musician, Member of 'The Monkees'

  Peter Ueberroth  

  Peter Vidmar  

  Peter Vogt   Actor

  Peter Weller   Actor

  Peter Wingfield   Actor: X2

  Peter Wyngarde  

  Peter, Paul & Mary  

  Petr Cech   Soccer Player

  Petra Nemcova   Model

  Petula Clark  

  Peyton List   Actress

  Peyton Manning   NFL Quarterback

  PGA Tour   Professional Golf Tour

  Phantom of the Opera cast   Broadway Play

  Pharrell Williams   Actor/Composer

  Phil Anselmo   singer

  Phil Bradley   Former Baseball Player

  Phil Brown   actor

  Phil Burkart Jr.  

  Phil Cavarretta   Former MLB Baseball Player: Chicago Cubs & White Sox

  Phil Collins   Singer

  Phil Crane  

  Phil Donahue  

  Phil Esposito   Retired Professional Hockey Player

  Phil Ford  

  Phil Garner   Pro Baseball Manager

  Phil Gordon   Pro Poker Player

  Phil Gramm  

  Phil Hellmuth   Professional Poker Player

  Phil Housley   Pro Hockey Player

  Phil Hughes   Pitcher: New York Yankees

  Phil Ivey   Poker Player

  Phil Jackson   Pro Basketball Coach

  Phil Keoghan   Host 'The Amazing Race'

  Phil LaMarr   actor

  Phil Lesh   Musician

  Phil Mahre   Olympic Downhill Skier

  Phil Martelli   Former Basketball Player

  Phil Mickelson   American Professional Golfer; Won 44 Events on the PGA Tour,...

  Phil Niekro  

  Phil Parsons  

  Phil Proctor   Actor

  Phil Rizzuto  

  Phil Rodgers   Professional Bowler

  Phil Simms   NFL football quarterback

  Phil Stacey   Singer, American Idol finalist

  Phil Tippett   Movie Director

  Phil Vassar   Country Music Singer

  Phil Verchota   Olympic Hockey Player

  Phil York  

  Philadelphia 76ers   Basketball Team

  Philadelphia Eagles   NFL Football Team

  Philadelphia Phillies   Professional Baseball Team

  Philip Abbott  

  Philip Alford   Actor: To Kill a Mockingbird

  Philip Andrew   actor

  Philip Anthony   Actor: Doctor Who

  Philip Baker Hall   Actor

  Philip Bosco  

  Philip Boyd   Actor: First Daughter

  Philip Bretherton   Actor

  Philip Casnoff  

  Philip Glenister   Actor

  Philip H. Knight  

  Philip Jackson   Actor

  Philip Michael Thomas   Actor, 'Miami Vice'

  Philip Schofield   tv presenter

  Philip Seymour Hoffman   Actor

  Philip Van Dyke  

  Philipp Lahm   Soccor Player

  Philipp Schoch   Olympic Snowboarder

  Philippe Candeloro  

  Phill Lewis   Actor: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

  Phillip Barry Jr.  

  Phillip Fulmer   Football Coach

  Phillip Hoose   Author

  Phillip McKeon  

  Phillip Phillips   Singer, American Idol

  Phillip Rhys   actor

  Phoebe Cates   Actress, 'Gremlins'

  Phoebe Tonkin   Australian Actress

  Phoenix Coyotes  

  Phoenix Suns  

  Phylicia Rashad   Actress

  Phyllida Law   Actress

  Phyllis A. Whitney   Author of 76 books, including 'The Trembling Hills'

  Phyllis Avery   1950'S ACTRESS

  Phyllis Calvert  

  Phyllis Coates  

  Phyllis Davis  

  Phyllis Diller   Actress, Comedienne

  Phyllis Dorothy James   Author

  Phyllis Gates  

  Phyllis George  

  Phyllis Newman  

  Phyllis Reynolds Naylor   Author, wrote the children's trilogy 'Shiloh'

  Phyllis Smith   Actress, 'The Office'

  Phyllis Thaxter   Actress, 'Superman', 'Bewitched', 'The Longest Night'

  Pia Douwes   Dutch Musical Actress

  Pia Zadora  

  Picabo Street   Olympic Downhill Skier

  Pierce Brosnan   Actor

  Pierre Bouvier   Lead Singer of Simple Plan

  Pierre Brice   French Actor

  Pierre Cardin  

  Pierre Franckh   German Actor

  Pierre Larouche   Retired NHL Player

  Pierre Omidyar   Founder and Chairman of eBay

  Pierre Pilote   Professional Ice Hockey

  Pierre Richard   Director, Actor, 'Le Distrait', 'Les Amants de Montparnasse'

  Pierre Sallinger  

  Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss   Actor: Keiner Liebt Mich

  Piers Anthony  

  Piers Morgan   Reality Show Judge: America's Got Talent

  Pieter Van Den Hoogenband   Olympic Swimmer

  Pilar Abella   Actress

  Pimnitchakun Bumrungkit   Actress, Model, Singer

  Pink   Singer, Real Name: Alecia Beth Moore

  Pink Floyd   Band

  Piper Laurie   Actress

  Piper Perabo   American Actress; Known for Playing CIA Agent Annie Walker o...

  Pippa Black   Australian Actress

  Pippa Mann   Race Car Driver

  Pirmin Zurbriggen   Former Alpine Skier

  Pitbull   Cuban-American rapper, Real name: Armando Christian Perez

  Pittsburgh Penguins   NHL Team

  Pittsburgh Pirates   Professional Baseball Team

  Pittsburgh Steelers   Pro Football Team

  Pixar Animation Studios   Pixar Films

  Pixie Acia   Tattoo artist, TV show LA Ink

  Place of Skulls   Metal Band

  Placebo   Band

  Placido Domingo   Opera Singer

  Plain White T's   Music Group

  Platters, The  

  Plaxico Burress   American football wide receiver

  Plies   Rapper, Real Name: Algernod Lanier Washington

  POE   Songwriter, Musician

  Point of Grace  


  Polly Adams   Actress - The Murder of the Vicarage

  Polly Bergen  

  Polly Holliday   Actress

  Polyphonic Spree, The   Band

  Pooch Hall   Actor, Miracle's Boys

  Pooja Batra   Indian Actress

  Pope Benedict XVI   The Pope

  Pope John Paul II  

  Poppy Montgomery   Actress

  Porsche Lynn  

  Porter Cottrell  

  Porter Wagoner   Country Singer

  Portia de Rossi   Actress

  Portland Beavers   Minor League Baseball team

  Portland Sea Dogs   AA baseball team

  Portland Trailblazers   NBA Basketball Team

  Poul Anderson  

  Powers Boothe  

  Predrag Bjelac   Played Igor Karkaroff in 'Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fir...

  Preity Zinta   Bollywood Actress

  Preston Ritter  

  Pretty Ricky   R&B / Hip Hop Music Group

  Price Brookfield  

  Priest Holmes   Professional Football Player

  Prince   singer / songwriter

  Prince Andrew  

  Prince Charles of Wales   Prince of Wales

  Prince Fielder   Baseball Player

  Prince Harry of Wales   Second Son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana

  Prince William of Wales   First Son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana

  Princess Caroline   The Princess of Monaco, daughter of Princess Grace and Princ...

  Princess Stephanie  

  Priscilla Barnes   Actress: Three's Company

  Priscilla Presley  

  Prison Break Cast   Drama TV Show

  Private Practice Cast   Television Show on ABC

  Priyanka Chopra   Miss World 2000, Bollywood Actress


  Progress in Color   Band

  Prototype   Progressive Metal Band

  Pruitt Taylor Vince   Actor

  Prunella Scales  

  Psych   Comedy-Drama TV Series

  Pua Magasiva   Actor, 'Power Rangers: Ninja Storm'

  Puddle of Mudd   Band

  Punk'd TV Show   Reality Show

  Puppini Sisters, The   Band

  Pushing Daisies   Television Show on ABC

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