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Celebrity Addresses Starting With M

  M. Emmet Walsh   Actor, Comedian

  M. Night Shyamalan   Director, Actor

  M.C. Gainey   Actor

  M.I.A.   Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer

  Maartin Allcock   Musician, Record Producer

  Maaya Sakamoto   Voice Actress, Singer

  Mac Danzig   MMA Fighter

  Mac Davis   Singer, Songwriter, Actor

  Mac McAnally   Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Record Producer

  Mac Scarce   Baseball Player

  Macaulay Culkin   Actor (Home Alone), Musician

  Mace Brown   Former Baseball Player

  Mack Brown   College Football Coach, Former Football Player

  Mack Pride   Former Baseball Player

  Mackenzie Crook   Actor, Director, Comedian

  Mackenzie Phillips   Actress (American Graffiti), Singer

  Mackenzie Rosman   Actress (7th Heaven)

  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis   Hip-Hop Duo

  Mad TV   TV Series

  Madchen Amick   Actress

  Maddie Poppe   Singer, American Idol (2018)

  Madeleine Albright   Politician, Former US Secretary of State

  Madeleine Brown   Mistress of US President Lyndon B. Johnson

  Madeleine Stowe   Actress

  Madeleine West   Actress (Neighbours)

  Madeline Kahn   Actress, Comedian, Singer

  Madeline Smith   Actress

  Madeline Zima   Actress

  Madhuri Dixit   Indian Actress, Producer, TV Personality

  Madieu Williams   Former Football Player

  Madina Lake   Rock Band

  Madison Pettis   Actress, Model

  Madlyn Rhue   American Actress; Starred in 'Operation Petticoat', 'The Lad...

  Madness   British Ska Band; Formed in 1976; Popular in the late-1970s ...

  Madonna   American Singer, Songwriter, Actress, and Businesswoman; Kno...

  Madylin Sweeten   American Actress; Played Alexandra 'Ally' Barone on 'Everybo...

  Mae   American Rock Band; Formed in 2001; Acronym for 'Multi-senso...

  Mae Whitman   American Actress and Singer; Starred in 'When a Man Loves a ...

  Mae Young  

  Maeve Quinlan   'South of Nowhere'

  Magda Szubanski   Actress: Kath and Kim

  Magdalena Neuner   German Biathlete

  Mageina Tovah   Actress

  Maggie Austin   Country Singer

  Maggie Cheung   Actress

  Maggie Grace   Actress

  Maggie Gyllenhaal   Actress

  Maggie Lawson   Actress 'Psych'

  Maggie McClure   Singer/songwriter

  Maggie Ollerenshaw   Actress: Fuel

  Maggie Q   Actress: Die Hard 4

  Maggie Roswell   Voice Artist - The Simpsons

  Maggie Shayne   Author of paranormal and romances novels

  Maggie Smith   Actress

  Magglio Ordonez   MLB Baseball Player

  Magnus von Braun  

  Mahiru Konno   Japanese Actress

  Mahogany Rush  

  Maia Brewton   Actress, 'Adventures in Babysitting'

  Maia Morgenstern   Actress

  Maiara Walsh   Actress, 'Cory in the House'

  Maila 'Vampira' Nurmi   Actress

  Maite Schwartz   Actress: South of Pico

  Maitland Ward   Actress: Boy Meets World

  Majandra Delfino  

  Majel Barrett  

  Majel Barrett Roddenberry   Actress: Star Trek


  Maksim Chmerkovskiy   Professional Ballroom Dancer: Dancing With The Stars

  Maksim Mrvica   Croatian Pianist

  Mal Whitfield  

  Mala Powers  

  Malachi Throne   Actor: Star Trek

  Malcolm Boyd  

  Malcolm Gets   Actor

  Malcolm McDowall  

  Malcolm McDowell  

  Malcolm Rogers   Actor: Doctor Who

  Malcolm-Jamal Warner   Actor, Director, Writer, Producer

  Malese Jow   Actress, 'Unfabulous'

  Malia Hosaka   Wrestler

  Malin Akerman   Actress

  MaliVai Washington   Tennis Professional

  Mallika Sherawat   Actress

  Malorie Blackman   Author

  Mamie Van Doren   Adult Actress

  Mana Taumaunu   Actor, 'Whale Rider'

  Manchester United   Soccer Team

  Mancow   Radio Personality

  Mandisa Hundley   American Idol Contestant / Singer

  Mandy Barbett  

  Mandy Barnett  

  Mandy Barrett  

  Mandy Bruno   Actress

  Mandy Michelle   Model

  Mandy Moore   Musician, Actress

  Mandy Musgrave   South of Nowhere

  Mandy Patinkin   Actor, 'Criminal Minds', 'Chicago Hope'

  Manfred Pranger   Austrian Alpine Skier

  Manisha Koirala   Actress, Nepal Royalty

  Manny Fernandez   Former NFL player

  Manny Mota  

  Manny Ramirez   Pro Baseball Player

  Manny Salvo  

  Manoj Kumar   Actor, Director, Producer

  Manolo Blahnik   Fashion Designer

  Manon Rheaume   First Woman in the NHL

  Manon Rheaume   Hockey Player

  Manu Intiraymi   Actor

  Manuel Almunia   Spanish Football Player

  Manuela Arcuri   Actress

  Mara Corday  

  Mara Scherzinger   Actress

  Mara Wellington  

  Mara Wilson  

  Marat Safin   Tennis Player

  Marc Alaimo  

  Marc Anthony   Singer

  Marc Blucas   Actor

  Marc Buckland   Director, Producer, and Actor

  Marc Copage  

  Marc Jackson   Actor

  Marc Lawrence  

  Marc McClure   Actor

  Marc Mero   Former boxer and WWF/WWE wrestler

  Marc Odets   Actor

  Marc Price  

  Marc Singer   Actor, 'Dallas'

  Marc Summers   TV host: Double Dare Gameshow

  Marc Tardif   Hockey Player

  Marc Valdes   Former Baseball Player

  Marc Vann   Actor

  Marc-andre Fleury   Ice Hockey Player

  Marcel Jeannin   Actor

  Marcel Marceau  

  Marcel Pronovost   Hockey Hall of Famer

  Marcella Laasch   Actress

  Marcella Lentz-Pope   Actress, Superbad, Aliens in America

  Marcia Ball   Rhythm & Blues Singer

  Marcia Barrett   Singer for former group 'Boney M'

  Marcia Clark  

  Marcia Cross   Actress

  Marcia Gay Harden   Actress

  Marcia Mae Jones   Actress

  Marcia Wallace  

  Marco Andretti   Indy Driver

  Marco Apicella   Formula 1/Super GT Driver

  Marcus Allen   Former Football Player

  Marcus Brigstocke   Actor, Sorry I've Got No Head, Comedian

  Marcus Coloma   actor

  Marcus Graham   Actor

  Marcus Hamilton  

  Marcus Jean Pirae   Actor

  Marcus Spears   Former pro football player

  Marcy Carsey  

  Marcy Rylan   Actress: Guiding Light soap opera

  Mardi Lunn  

  Mare Winningham  

  Maree Cheatham  

  Marek Larwood   Actor, Sorry I've Got No Head, Comedian

  Marg Helgenberger   Actress

  Margaret Avery  

  Margaret Cho  

  Margaret Colin  

  Margaret Field  

  Margaret Hoelzer   Swimmer

  Margaret Laney   Actress

  Margaret O'Brien   Actress, 'Meet Me In St. Louis'

  Margaret Smith Court   Australian tennis player

  Margaret Thatcher   Former British Prime Minister

  Margaret Truman  

  Margaret Whiting  

  Margarita Levieva   Actress

  Marge Champion  

  Margi Clarke   Actress

  Margo Smith  

  Margot Adler  

  Margot Kidder  

  Marguerite Chapman  

  Marguerite Moreau   Actress: Blossom

  Maria Bamford   Comedian

  Maria Bello   Actress

  Maria Bueno   Tennis Player

  Maria Doyle Kennedy   Actress, Singer

  Maria Ford  

  Maria Friedman   Actress/host

  Maria Grazia Cucinotta   Actress

  Maria Kanellis   WWE Wrestler, Model

  Maria Kirilenko   Russian Professional Tennis Player

  Maria Lamb   US Speedskater

  Maria Lawson   Singer

  Maria Lopez   TV Judge

  Maria Menounos   Actress

  Maria Pitillo  

  Maria Schneider   Actress

  Maria Sharapova   Russian Professional Tennis Player; Ranked World No. 1 in Si...

  Maria Shriver   California First Lady, TV Journalist

  Maria Whitaker   Model, Singer

  Mariah Carey   Singer

  Marian Gaborik   Pro Hockey Player

  Marian Hossa   Pro Hockey Player

  Marian McPartland   Jazz Pianist

  Marianne Faithfull   Singer, Actress

  Marianne Jean-Baptiste   actress : 'Without A Trace' 'Secrets & Lies'

  Marianne Muellerleile   Actress: Memento

  Mariano Rivera   Baseball Player; for New York Yankees

  Mariano Zabaleta   Tennis Player

  Maribel Guardia   Costa Rican Actress

  Marie Anihere   TV Presenter

  marie dame   american pie

  Marie Gillain   Belgian Actress

  Marie Osmond   Singer

  Marie Wilson   Canadian Actresss, 'As The World Turns'

  Marie Windsor  

  Marieh Delfino   Actress

  Mariel Hemingway   Actress

  Mariette Hartley   Actress

  Marika Dominczyk   Actress

  Marillion   Rock Band

  Marilu Henner   Author, Actress: Taxi, The Man Who Loved Women, Cannonball R...

  Marilyn Beck  

  Marilyn Borden   Twin from I Love Lucy square dance episode

  Marilyn Burns   The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,Helter Skelter

  Marilyn Chambers  

  Marilyn Eastman  

  Marilyn Ghigliotti   Actress: Clerks

  Marilyn L. Green  

  Marilyn Manson   Singer

  Marilyn Milian   Former American Florida Circuit Court Judge; Presides over '...

  Marilyn Starr  

  Marin Hinkle   Actor: Friends with Money

  Marina Giulia Cavalli   Italian Actress: Red Shoe Diaries 4: Auto Erotica

  Marina Sirtis   Actress

  Marinella Pennicchi   Italian Soprano

  Mario Andretti   Former Italian-American Racing Driver; Won Races in Formula ...

  Mario Balotelli   Italian Soccor Player

  Mario Batali   Chef

  Mario Cimarro   Actor

  Mario Cuomo   Ex-Governer of New York

  Mario Gomez   Soccor Player

  Mario Lemieux   Professional Hockey Player

  Mario Lopez   Actor

  Mario Scheiber   Austrian Skier

  Mario Van Peebles   actor

  Mario Vazquez   Singer

  Mario Williams   NFL football player: Defensive End for the Houston Texans

  Marion Barber   NFL Football Player: Dallas Cowboys

  Marion Cotillard   French Actress, Singer, and Songwriter; Starred in 'La Vie e...

  Marion Jones   Olympic Track & Field Runner

  Marion Ramsey   Actress

  Marion Ross   American Actress; Best Known for Playing Marion Cunningham o...

  Marisa Miller   Model

  marisa ryan   model

  Marisa Siketa   Actress

  Marisa Tomei   Actress

  Marisa Varela   Actress

  Mariska Hargitay   American Actress; Best Known for Playing New York Police Dep...

  Marisol Nichols   Actress, Big Mommas House 2

  Marissa Tomei  

  Marjean Holden   Beastmaster, Babylon 5, Crusade

  Marjorie Lord  

  Marjorie M. Liu   Author: X-Men Dark Mirror

  Mark Aaron   Actor

  Mark Addy  

  Mark Ballas   Professional Ballroom Dancer

  Mark Bavaro   NFL Football Player

  Mark Blundell  

  Mark Bradley   NFL Football Player

  Mark Brunell   Football Player

  Mark Brunetz   Designer: 'Clean House' on Style Network

  Mark Buehrle   Baseball player

  Mark Burnett   Producer

  Mark Camacho   Actor

  Mark Carrier   Former NFL Football Player

  Mark Caso  

  Mark Chesnutt   Country Singer

  Mark Chestnut  

  Mark Chestnutt  

  Mark Clark   Former Baseball Player

  Mark Consuelos  

  Mark Dacascos   Actor

  Mark David Chapman  

  Mark Davidson   Former Baseball Player

  Mark Deakins   ST Voyager

  Mark Deklin   Actor: The Guiding Light

  Mark Derwin  

  Mark Dobies   Actor

  Mark E Smith   Lead Singer, Lyricist, Frontman, and Sole Consistent Member ...

  Mark Eichhorn   Former Baseball Player

  Mark Ferguson   Gil-Galad in 'The Lord of the Rings'

  Mark Fidrych  

  Mark Frost  

  Mark Fuhrman   Detective, Author

  Mark Furze   Australian Actor

  Mark Gastineau  

  Mark Goddard  

  Mark Gosselaar  

  Mark Gottfried   Head Basketball Coach of University Of South Alabama

  Mark Grace   Retired Baseball player

  Mark Gubicza   Former Baseball Player

  Mark Guthrie   Former Baseball Player

  Mark Hamill   Actor

  Mark Harmon   Actor

  Mark Henn  

  Mark Hoppus   Member of 'Blink 182'

  Mark Indelicato   actor, ugly betty

  Mark Jenest  

  Mark Johnson   Olympic Hockey Player

  Mark Knopfler   Dire Straits lead singer / guitarist

  Mark Kotsay   Baseball player

  Mark Lamarr   British Comedian and tv/radio presenter

  Mark Lane  

  Mark Langston  

  Mark Leiter   Former baseball player

  Mark Lester   Former child star, played Oliver in the film Oliver. Also c...

  Mark Lindsay  

  Mark Linn-Baker  

  Mark Lynn Baker  

  Mark Mangino   The Head Coach of The Kansas Jayhawks College Football Team

  Mark Martin   Nascar Driver

  Mark McGrath  

  Mark McGuire   MLB baseball player, 'St. Louis Cardinals'

  Mark McGwire   Former MLB baseball player

  Mark McKinney  

  Mark Messier   Professional Hockey Player

  Mark Moran   Co-creator of Weird NJ magazine, TV Host: History Channel's ...

  Mark Mothersbaugh  

  Mark Mulder   Baseball player

  Mark Nelson   Actor: Played Ned in Friday the 13th

  Mark Owen   Singer

  Mark Parent   Former Baseball Player

  Mark Pavelich   Olympic Hockey Player

  Mark Richt   Head Coach of the University of Georgia Bulldogs Football Te...

  Mark Rolston   Actor

  Mark Ross   Actor: Doctor Who

  Mark Roth   Former Bowler

  Mark Ruffalo   Actor: 13 Going on 30, Rumor Has It

  Mark Rydell  

  Mark Rypien   Super Bowl XXVI MVP

  Mark Salas   Former MLB Catcher

  Mark Salling   Glee

  Mark Sceurman   Co-creator of Weird NJ magazine, TV Host: History Channel's ...

  Mark Simoneau   American Football Linebacker

  Mark Slade   Actor, 'The High Chaparral'

  Mark Slaughter   Actor

  Mark Spitz   Olympic Swimmer

  Mark St John  

  Mark Stegemann   Writer/Producer: Scrubs

  Mark Strickson  

  Mark Taylor   Actor - Seventeen Again, Flashpoint

  Mark Thurmond   Former Baseball Player

  Mark Todd   Equestrian Olympic Eventer

  Mark Tremonti   Creed's guitarist

  Mark Valley   Actor (Human Target, Boston Legal)

  Mark Wahlberg   American Actor, Producer, Businessman, Model, Rapper, Singer...

  Mark Waters   Director

  Mark Wells   Olympic Hockey Player

  Mark Williams   British Actor, Comedian

  Mark Wills   Country Music Singer

  Mark Wilson  

  Mark-Paul Gosselaar   Actor (Saved by the Bell)

  Markie Post  

  Marla Gibbs   Actress

  Marla Maples   Donald J. Trump's wife

  Marlee Matlin   Actress: The L Word

  Marley S. McClean   Actress: Star Trek

  Marley Shelton   Actress, Sin City

  Marliece Andrada  

  Marlin Fitzwater  

  Marlo Alquiza  

  Marlo Thomas  

  Marlon Brando  

  Marlon Jackson   American Entertainer, Singer, Dancer; Member of the Jackson ...

  Marlon McCree   American Football Safety

  Marlon Wayans   actor

  Marni Nixon   Singer, Actress: West Side Story

  Marnie Schulenburg   Actress, As The World Turns

  Maroon 5   Band

  Marquand Manuel   Footballer

  Marques Houston   Singer, Actor

  Marsha Hunt   Actress: None Shall Escape

  Marsha Mason  

  Marsha Strassman  

  Marsha Thomason   British Actress

  Marsha Warfield  

  Marshall Brickman  

  Marshall Colt  

  Marshall Eminem   Eminem, Marshall Mathers

  Marshall Faulk   Football Player

  Marshall Lancaster   Actor: Chris Skelton in life on Mars, Ahes to Ashes

  Marshall Topping  

  Marshawn Lynch   American Football Running Back for Buffalo Bills

  Marta Dubois  

  Marta Kristen  

  Martellus Bennett   NFL Football Player: Dallas Cowboys

  Martha Hackett   Actress

  Martha Hyer   Actress

  Martha MacCallum   FOX News anchor

  Martha Macisaac   Actor, Superbad

  Martha Plimpton  

  Martha Quinn  

  Martha Reeves   Singer

  Martha Scott  

  Martha Stewart   Billionaire business woman

  Martin Agronsky  

  Martin Amis  

  Martin Bayfield   Actor, Hagrid age 16 in Harry Potter

  Martin Briley   Singer

  Martin Brodeur   Pro Hockey Player

  Martin Campbell   Director, 'Casino Royale'

  Martin Chalfie   2008 Nobel Prize In Chemistry

  Martin Clunes   Actor: Men Behaving Badly

  Martin Cooper   Inventor of The Mobile Phone

  Martin Denny  

  Martin Donovan  

  Martin Gardner   Author, Columnist

  Martin Gore   Songwriter and musician for Depeche Mode

  Martin Gramatica   NFL Placekicker

  Martin Handford  

  Martin Hewitt  

  Martin Klebba   Actor, Pirates of the Caribbean

  Martin Kove   Actor: Played Kreese in The Karate Kid

  Martin Landau  

  Martin Lawrence   Actor, Big Momma's House

  Martin Milner   Actor, 'Adam-12', 'Route 66'

  Martin Mull   Actor

  Martin Scorsese   Director

  Martin Shaw   Actor

  Martin Sheen   American Actor; Known for Playing 'President Josiah Bartlet'...

  Martin Short   actor

  Martin St. Louis   Hockey Player

  Martin Truex, Jr.   American Race Car Driver; Drives the No. 19 Toyota Camry for...

  Martin Yan   chef/actor/author

  Martina Colombari   Actress

  Martina Hingis   Professional Tennis Player

  Martina McBride   American Country Music Singer, Songwriter, and Record Produc...

  Martina Navratilova   tennis player

  Martine Beswick  

  Martine McCutcheon   Actress

  Marton Csokas   Celeborn in 'Lord of the Rings'

  Marty Allen   American Stand-up Comedian and Actor

  Marty Balin  

  Marty Booker   Football Wide Receiver

  Marty Ingels   actor

  Marty Jannetty   Wrestling (One half of The Rockers w/ Shawn Michaels)

  Marty Larkin  

  Marty Marion  

  Marty Stuart   Country Singer

  Marty Wilde   Singer

  Martyn Sanderson   Gate Keeper at Bree in 'Lord of the Rings'

  Marv Albert  

  Marv Cook   Football

  Marvin Hagler   Former Boxer

  Marvin Hamlisch  

  Marvin Harrison   Football Player

  Marvin Jones   Former Pro Football Player

  Marvin Kalb  

  Marvin Kaplan  

  Marvin Miller   Ex. Director of MLBPA (1966-1982)

  Marvin Sease   singer

  Mary Ann Jackson  

  Mary Ann Mobley   Former Miss America, Actress; Gary Collins's wife

  Mary Badham   Actress

  Mary Beth Evans   Actress, 'Days of Our Lives' Soap Opera

  Mary Beth Pell  

  Mary Birdsong   Actress, Comedian, Writer

  Mary Bono   Politician

  Mary Carey   Pornographic Actress

  Mary Carlisle  

  mary carver   simon & simon

  Mary Chapin Carpenter   Musician

  Mary Costa   Actress, Voice of 'Sleeping Beauty'

  Mary Crosby  

  Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio   Actress

  Mary Elizabeth McGlynn   Voice over artist

  Mary Elizabeth Winstead   Scott Pilgrim vs the World

  Mary Grace   US Skater

  Mary Grandpre   Illustrator of the 'Harry Potter' series of books

  Mary Gross   Actress

  Mary Hart   Actress, TV Host

  Mary Healy  

  Mary Higgins Clark   Author

  Mary J. Blige   Singer-Songwriter, Rapper, Record Producer, Actress

  Mary Jackson  

  Mary Jo Catlett   Actress, Diff'rent Strokes

  Mary Jo Pehl   Writer, Comedian, Actress, 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'

  Mary Karr  

  Mary Kay Ash  

  Mary Kay Bergman  

  Mary Kay Place  

  Mary Lou Retton   Former Olympic Gymnast

  Mary Louise Parker  

  Mary Louise Wilson   Actress

  Mary Lynn Rajskub   Little Miss Sunshine

  Mary McAleese   President of Ireland

  Mary McCormack  

  Mary McDonnell   Actress

  Mary McDonough  

  Mary Murphy   Professional Dancer, Judge on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

  Mary Page Keller   actor

  Mary Scheer   Actress: It's Pat

  Mary Schmich  

  Mary Steenburgen  

  Mary T. Meagher  

  Mary Tamm  

  Mary Tyler Moore   Actress

  Mary Weddle   Baseball Player

  Mary Weiss   Lead Singer of the Shangri-Las

  Mary Wilson   Member of 'The Supremes'

  Mary-Anne Barlow   South African Actress

  Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen   Actress

  Mary-Louise Parker  

  Maryam Abdullina   Model

  Maryan D'Abo  

  Maryeve Dufault   Racing Driver

  Maryse Letarte   Canadian singer

  Marzia Tedeschi   Actress

  Masaharu Morimoto   Chef

  Masahiko Kobe   Iron Chef Italian

  Masako Kedrowski   Actress

  Masi Oka   Heroes

  Masiela Lusha   Actress

  Mason Adams  

  Mason Marconi  

  Mason Williams  

  Masque   80's Band

  Massari   R&B singer, Real Name: Sari Fawasi Abboud

  Massimo Foschi   Italian Actor: Ultimo mondo cannibale

  Massimo Ranieri   Italian Singer

  Master P   Rap Artist

  Mat Devine   Musician; Lead Singer, Pianist and Guitarist in the Band Ki...

  Mat Gamel   Baseball call-up

  Mat Hoffman   Professional BMX Rider

  Mat Kearney   Musician

  Matchbook Romance   Band

  Matchbox 20  

  Matisyahu   Reggae Musician

  Mats Sundin   Hockey Player

  Mats Wilander   Swedish Tennis Player

  Matt Adler  

  Matt Albers   MLB Pitcher

  Matt Barbet   British TV Presenter

  Matt Biondi  

  Matt Borlenghi  

  Matt Bushell   Actor

  Matt Cain   MLB Player

  Matt Cassel   NFL Football Quarterback

  Matt Christopher  

  Matt Clark  

  Matt Cohen   Actor, 'South of Nowhere'

  Matt Corby   Singer

  Matt Craven  

  Matt Czuchry   Actor

  Matt Dallas   Actor

  Matt Damon   Actor

  Matt Dennis  

  Matt Diaz   MLB Debut 2003

  Matt Dillon   Actor, 'The Outsiders'

  Matt Frewer  

  Matt Groening   Creator of 'The Simpsons'

  Matt Hardy   Wrestler

  Matt Hasselbeck   NFL Football Player, 'Seattle Seahawks'

  Matt Holiday   Baseball Player

  Matt Holliday   MLB Baseball Player: Oakland Athletics Left Fielder

  Matt Hughes   UFC Fighter

  Matt Iseman   Actor

  Matt Kemp   MLB Baseball Player; for the Los Angeles Dodgers

  Matt Kenseth   NASCAR Driver

  Matt Lanter   Actor: Heroes, 90210, Star Wars: Clone Wars

  Matt LaPorta   MLB Baseball Player: Cleveland Indians

  Matt Lattanzi  

  Matt Lauer  

  Matt LeBlanc   American Actor, Comedian, and TV Host; Known for Playing 'Jo...

  Matt Leinart   Professional Football Player

  Matt Letscher   Actor: Eli Stone

  Matt Lucas   British Comedian, 'Little Britain'

  Matt Luke   Former Baseball Player

  Matt McColm  

  Matt McCoy  

  Matt McDonald   actor

  Matt Moore   Actor

  Matt Passmore   Actor: Last Man Standing, McLeods Daughters, Play School

  Matt Pokora   French Singer

  Matt Preston   Food Journalist

  Matt Roloff   Actor, Businessman

  Matt Ryan   NFL Quarterback: Atlanta Falcons

  Matt Shadows   Musician

  Matt Smith   Actor, Dr Who, Ruby In The Smoke

  Matt Snell   Former Football player

  Matt Stairs   Pro Baseball Player

  Matt Stone  

  Matt Stover   Science Fiction Novelist

  Matt Suhey   Former Professional American Football Player

  Matt Turk   Footballer

  Matt Wieters   MLB Baseball Player: Baltimore Orioles Catcher

  Matt Williams   Baseball player

  Matt Willis   Guitarist, member of band Busted

  Matt Young   Former American Baseball Player; Played 11 Seasons in Major ...

  Matteo Soragna   Italian Basketball Player

  Matthew Ashford   Actor: Days of our Lives

  Matthew Bomer   Actor 'White Collar'

  Matthew Broderick   Actor

  Matthew Currie Holmes   Actor

  Matthew Cutler   Professional Dancer Strictly Come Dancing

  Matthew Davis   Actor: Legally Blonde

  Matthew Faber   Actor: Mutations

  Matthew Fox   Actor

  Matthew Glave  

  Matthew Goode   Actor

  Matthew Gray Gubler   Actor: Life Aquatic

  Matthew Hawkins   Actor

  Matthew Helms   Actor

  Matthew Hoggard   Cricket Player

  Matthew Keeslar  

  Matthew Laborteaux  

  Matthew Lawrence   Actor

  Matthew Lewis   Neville Longbottom in the 'Harry Potter' films

  Matthew Lillard   Actor

  Matthew Linville  

  Matthew MacFadyen   Actor

  Matthew McConaughey   Actor

  Matthew McNulty   Actor

  Matthew Mitcham   Olympic Diver

  Matthew Modine  

  Matthew Morrison   Actor

  Matthew O'Leary   actor

  Matthew Perry   Actor

  Matthew Rauch   Actor

  Matthew Rhys   Actor: Brothers & Sisters

  Matthew Scott Lewis   Actor

  Matthew Underwood   Actor, 'Zoey 101'

  Matthew Waterhouse   actor

  Matthew Willig   Actor

  Matthias Askew   Footballer

  Mattias Norstrom   NHL Hockey Player

  Matty Whitmore   Survivor 'Gabon'

  Maud Adams  

  Maura Tierney   Actress

  Maureen Arthur  

  Maureen Donaldson  

  Maureen Flaherty  

  Maureen Hawkins   Actress: The Unknown

  Maureen McCormick   Actress

  Maureen McGovern  

  Maureen O'Brien  

  Maureen O'Hara   1940's-1960's actress

  Maureen Reagan  

  Maureen Stapleton   Academy Award Winning Actress

  Maurice Barrier  

  Maurice Benard  

  Maurice Bernard   Actor

  Maurice Denham  

  Maurice Green   American Former Sprinter in Athleticsdancer, Dancer: Dancing...

  Maurice Hicks   Footballer

  Maurice Jones-Drew   NFL Football Player

  Maurice Richard  

  Maurice Sendak  

  Maurice White   Singer

  Maury Povich   Talk Show Host

  Maury Wills  

  Mavericks, The  

  Max Allan Collins   Author, 'Road to Perdition'

  Max Alvis  

  Max Angelelli   Race Car Driver

  Max Baer Jr.   Actor, screen writer, producer, director

  Max Beesley  

  Max Benitz   Actor

  Max Casella   Actor: The Sopranos

  Max Cavalera   Lead singer of Soulfly

  Max Crumm   Actor, Singer, Dancer

  Max Factor  

  Max Gail   Actor: Played Wojo on Barney Miller

  Max Greenfield   Actor

  Max Grodenchik   Actor

  Max Maven  

  Max Montoya   Retired NFL player

  Max Mutchnick   Television Producer, Creator: Will & Grace

  Max Perlich  

  Max Pirkis   actor

  Max Scherzer   MLB Baseball Player; for the Arizona Diamondbacks

  Max Schmeling  

  Max Slade   Musician

  Max Thieriot   Actor

  Max Von Sydow   Actor

  Max Weinberg   Drummer and Band Leader for Conan O'Brien

  Max West  

  Maxime Faget  

  Maximilian Schell   Actor

  Maximillian Alexander   Actor

  Maxwell Caulfield  

  May Britt  

  May Pang   Author

  may wynn   actress

  Maya Angelou  

  Maya Moore   Basketball Player

  Maya Rudolph   actress

  Mayday Parade   Music Group

  Mayim Bialik   Actress: Blossom

  Maynard Ferguson  

  Mayor Marion Barry  

  Mayte Garcia   Dancer/Singer/Prince's Ex-Wife

  MC 5  

  MC Hammer   Rapper

  McCoy Tyner  

  McFly   Band


  McGuire Sisters  

  Mckenzie Westmore   Actress: Star Trek: Insurrection

  Meadowlark Lemon   Basketball player and Actor

  Meagan Good   Actress

  Meaghan Jette Martin   Actress

  Meat Loaf   Singer, Actor

  Medium Cast  

  Meech   Band

  Meeno Peluce  

  Meg & Dia   American Indie Rock band

  Meg Cabot   Author, 'The Princess Diaries'

  Meg Foster  

  Meg Ryan   American Actress and Producer; Starred in 'When Harry Met Sa...

  Meg Tilly  


  Megadeth   Metal Band

  Megalyn Echikunwoke   Actress: The 4400

  Megan Brutto   music industry

  Megan Burns   British Actress: 28 Days Later

  Megan Follows   Anne of Green Gables

  Megan Fox   actress/model

  Megan Gale   Australian model and actress

  Megan Hoffman  

  Megan Martin   Writer, Director

  Megan Mullally   Actress

  Megan Park   Canadian actress: Charlie Bartlett

  Megan Quann   Olympic Swimmer

  Megan Ward   Actress: General Hospital

  Megumi Hayashibara   Singer, Voice Actress

  Megyn Price  

  Meighan Desmond   New Zealand actress, plays the goddess Discord on 'Xena'

  Meinhardt Raabe   Actor, Played Coroner Munchkin in the Wizard of Oz

  Meir Yedid  

  Mekhi Phifer   Actor

  Mekkhi Pfiffer   actor (ER)

  Mel Brooks   Actor

  Mel Ferrer   Actor

  Mel Gibson   Actor

  Mel Harris  

  Mel Martin   Actress

  Mel McDaniel   Country music singer

  Mel Pender  

  Mel Smith   Actor

  Mel Tillis   Singer, Actor

  Melanie   Musician

  Melanie Brown   Actress, Singer: Scary Spice of the Spice Girls

  Melanie C   Singer

  Melanie Chartoff  

  Melanie Chisholm   Melanie C, Spice Girls

  Melanie Griffith   Actress

  Melanie Hawkins   Actress: Wedding Crashers

  Melanie Lynskey   Actress, 'Two and a Half Men', 'Coyote Ugly'

  Melanie Mayron  

  Melanie Moore  

  Melanie Wilson  

  MELBA MONTGOMERY   country music singer

  Melina Kanakaredes  

  Melina Perez   World Wrestling Entertainment

  Melinda Clarke   actress

  Melinda Culea   Actress

  Melinda Dillon  

  Melinda Doolittle   American Idol Singer

  Melinda Fee  

  Melinda Messenger   Model

  Melissa Archer   Actress

  Melissa Benson  

  Melissa Claire Egan   Actress: All My Children

  Melissa Elias   Actress

  Melissa Etheridge   Singer

  Melissa Francis   Former child actress: Little House on the Prairie, News anch...

  Melissa George   Actress

  Melissa Gilbert   Actress

  Melissa Hill  

  melissa jaffer   Actress - Farscape

  Melissa Joan Hart   Actress

  Melissa Leo  

  Melissa Manchester  

  Melissa McCarthy   American Actress, Comedian, Writer, and Producer; Played Soo...

  Melissa Odom   Actress

  Melissa Pace   Actress

  Melissa Peterman   Actress


  Melissa Reeves   Actress

  Melissa Sagemiller   Actress

  Melissa Sue Anderson   Actress

  Melissa Wolf  

  Melody Anderson  

  Melody Ann Wachtel   Actress

  Melody Johnson   Actress - Jason X

  Melody Rogers  

  Melody Thomas Scott   American Actress; Best Known for Playing Nikki Newman on 'Th...

  Melora Hardin   American Actress and Singer; Best Known for Playing Jan Levi...

  Melora Walters   Actress

  Melvin Biddle  

  Melvin Laird  

  Memo Rojas   Indy Car Driver

  Memphis Redbirds   Minor League Baseball team

  Men In Trees Cast   Comedy, Drama TV Show

  Mena Suvari   Actress: American pie, American beauty

  Menudo   Band

  Mercedes Ashley   Adult Film Star

  Mercedes McNab   Actress: Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  Mercedes Ruehl   Actress

  Mercury Morris   Former Football Player; for The Miami Dolphins

  Mercy Me   Band

  Meredith Baxter   Actress

  Meredith Hagner   Actress: As the World Turns

  Meredith Monroe   Actress: Dawson's Creek

  Meredith Salenger  

  Meredith Vieira  

  Meriah Nelson   Model

  Merle Allin   Bassist

  Merle Haggard   American Country Music Singer, Guitarist and Songwriter

  Merlin Olsen   Hall Of Fame Football Player, Actor

  Merrell Fankhauser  

  Merril Hoge   Former NFL Football Player

  Merv Adelson  

  Merv Griffin  

  Merv Rettenmund   Former Baseball Player

  Meryl Streep   Actress

  Meseret Defar   Athlete: Track & Field

  Meshach Taylor   Actor

  Metallica   Rock Band

  Method Man   Rapper, Actor, Real Name: Clifford Smith

  Metro Station   Band

  Mewelde Moore   Footballer

  Mia Farrow   Actress

  Mia Hamm   Women's soccer player, Olympic Gold Medalist

  Mia Kirshner   Actress

  Mia Maestro   Actress: Poseidon

  Mia Manganello   US Speedskater

  Mia Michaels   Choreographer

  Mia Sara   actress

  Mia Tyler   Model, Daughter of Steven Tyler

  Miami Dolphins  

  Miami Heat   NBA Basketball Team

  Miami Ink   TV Show

  Michael A. Schultz  

  Michael Absalom   TV Presenter

  Michael Alvear   TV Presenter

  Michael Ammar  

  Michael Anderson  

  Michael Andretti   race car driver

  Michael Angarano   Actor, Sky High, One Last Thing, Dogtown

  Michael Ansara   Actor

  Michael Anthony   Van Halen bass player

  Michael Apted   Director

  Michael Aspel   TV Presenter

  Michael Attwell  

  Michael B. Ritchie  

  Michael Badalucco   Actor

  Michael Ball   Singer, star of the west end musicals...best known for the s...

  Michael Ballack   Soccor player

  Michael Barrymore   TV Show Host

  Michael Bay   Director

  Michael Bays  

  Michael Beach  

  Michael Beck  

  Michael Bell   Voice Actor, 'The Snorks'

  Michael Belt  

  Michael Bendetti  

  Michael Bergin  

  Michael Berryman   Actor

  Michael Biehn   Actor

  Michael Bivins   Singer: New Edition

  Michael Blodgett  

  Michael Bolton  

  Michael Bond   Children's Author: Paddington The Bear

  Michael Boulware   Footballer

  Michael Brandon  

  Michael Bryant   Attorney General of Ontario and killing darcy allan sheppard

  Michael Buble   singer

  Michael Buffer   Boxing Announcer

  Michael C. Hall   Actor

  Michael C. Vaccaro   Actor

  Michael Cade   Actor (California Dreams)

  Michael Caine   British Actor, Producer, and Author; Considered a British Fi...

  Michael Caines   English Chef

  Michael Card  

  Michael Cartellone   Lynyrd Skynyrd Drummer

  Michael Carter   Retired NFL player

  michael carter   return of the jedi

  Michael Cera   Actor, Arrested Development, Superbad

  Michael Cerveris  

  Michael Chang   Tennis Player

  Michael Chiklis   Actor

  Michael Cimino  

  Michael Clarke Duncan   Actor

  Michael Clayton   NFL Football Player, 'Tampa Bay Buccaneers'

  Michael Cole  

  Michael Connelly   writer

  Michael Copon   Actor, Model, Singer

  Michael Crawford   Performer - Phantom Of The Opera

  michael culver   star wars

  Michael Damian   Actor, 'Young and the Restless'

  Michael DeBakey   Doctor, cardiovascular pioneer

  Michael Dell   Founder of Dell Computers

  Michael DeLorenzo  

  Michael Deluise  

  Michael Denison  

  michael des barres   macgyver

  Michael DesBarres  

  Michael Dorn   Actor, plays Lt. Worf on 'Star Trek: Next Generation & Star ...

  Michael Douglas   actor

  Michael Dudikoff   Actor

  Michael Dukakis  

  michael durrell   beverly hills 90210

  Michael E. Knight  

  Michael Ealy   Actor

  Michael Easton   actor

  Michael Eisner   Ex CEO of the Walt Disney Company

  Michael Elsworth   Actor, 'Lord of the Rings'

  Michael Emerson   Actor: Lost

  Michael Enzi   Wyoming Senator

  Michael Eruzione   Captain of the 1980 Gold Medal Winning Hockey Team

  Michael Fassbender   Actor: 300

  Michael Fishman  

  Michael Flatley  

  Michael Forest  

  Michael Gaffney   World Champion Bull Rider

  Michael Gaines   Footballer

  Michael Gambon   Actor

  Michael Goorjian  

  Michael Gough   Batman

  Michael Graziadei   Actor: Boogeyman 2

  Michael Gregory   Actor, 'Total Recall'

  Michael Greis   German Biathlete

  Michael Gross   Actor: Family Ties

  Michael Heltau   Austrian Actor, Singer

  Michael Higgins   Actor

  Michael Hurst  

  Michael Ian Black   actor

  Michael Imperioli   actor

  Michael Ironside   Actor

  Michael Irvin   Former Pro Football Player

  Michael J. Fox   Actor

  Michael J. Pollard   Actor - Bonnie & Clyde

  Michael Jackson   Singer, 'Thriller', 'Billie Jean'

  Michael Jai White  

  Michael Jayston  

  Michael Jeter  

  Michael Johnson  

  Michael Jordan   Former American Basketball Player; Greatest Basketball Playe...

  Michael Kay   New York Yankees Broadcaster, Host: Centerstage

  Michael Keaton   Actor, 'Batman'

  Michael Korda  

  Michael Landon Jr.  

  Michael Langdon  

  Michael Learned  

  Michael Lembeck  

  Michael Lerner  

  Michael Madsen   Actor: Die Another Day

  Michael Mann   Film Director

  Michael Mantenuto   Actor

  Michael McDonald   Actor, Director

  Michael McDowell   NASCAR Driver

  Michael McGrady   Actor

  Michael McKean   Actor, Comedian, Composer, Musician

  Michael Mears   Actor

  Michael Michele   Actress

  Michael Mittermeier   German Comedian

  Michael Mizanin   Wrestler

  Michael Moore   Author, Academy Award-winning director and producer: Fahrenh...

  Michael Moorer   Boxer

  Michael Moriarty  

  Michael Muhney   Actor

  Michael Murphy  

  Michael Nader   Actor

  Michael Naughton   Actor: Superbad

  Michael Nesmith   Actor, Musician

  Michael Nouri  

  Michael Novak  

  Michael O'Hare   Actor, plays Jeffrey Sinclair on 'Babylon 5'

  Michael O'Neill   Actor: Transformers

  michael oher   Football Player

  Michael Olowokandi   NBA Basketball Player, 'LA Clippers'

  Michael Ontkean   Ned Braden in SlapShot

  Michael Owen   British soccer player

  Michael Palin   British comedian, actor, writer and tv presenter.

  Michael Pare   Actor

  Michael Park   Jack Snyder Actor As the World Turns - Soap

  Michael Parks   Actor

  Michael Patrick McGill   Actor - The Office

  Michael Pena   Actor: World Trade Center

  Michael Penn   Singer and Songwriter

  Michael Peterson   Country singer

  Michael Phelps   Olympic Swimmer

  Michael Pitt   Actor

  Michael Pittman   Running Back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  Michael Praed  

  Michael Rady   Actor

  Michael Rapaport  

  Michael Reagan   Radio Host; He is a son of the late President Ronald Reagan

  Michael Redd   Pro NBA Basketball player

  Michael Richards  

  Michael Rooker  

  Michael Rosen   Poet, Author

  Michael Rosenbaum   actor

  Michael Rosenberg   Producer

  Michael Rupnow   Actor

  Michael Sarrazin  

  Michael Savage   Author, Radio Show Host

  Michael Schumacher   Former German Race Car Driver; One of the Greatest Formula O...

  Michael Schur   Producer and Writer: The Office

  Michael Shanks   actor

  Michael Sheen  

  Michael Spiller   Director: Scrubs

  Michael Spinks  

  Michael Stipe  

  Michael Symon   Iron Chef

  Michael T. Weiss   Actor

  Michael Tarn   Actor

  Michael Tollin   Producer, Director, Writer

  Michael Trucco   Actor

  Michael Turner   Comic Book Artist

  Michael Turner   Footballer

  Michael Urie   Actor: Ugly Betty

  Michael Vartan   Actor

  Michael Vaters   Monster Truck Driver: Black Stallion

  Michael Vaughan   Cricket Player

  Michael Vick   Football Player

  Michael W. Scott  

  Michael W. Smith  

  Michael Wacholtz   Actor

  Michael Waltrip   NASCAR Driver

  Michael Weatherly   actor

  Michael Welch   Actor: Twilight

  Michael Wincott  

  Michael Winslow   Voice Actor

  Michael Wisher  

  Michael York  

  Michael Young  

  Michaela Conlin   Actress: Bones

  Michaela Mcmanus   Actress: The Beautiful Lie

  Michaela Schaffrath   Actress

  Michala Banas   Actress

  Micheal Chiklis   Actor

  Micheal Stoyanov   Actor, 'Blossom'

  Michel Goulet   Ice Hockey Hall of Famer

  Michela Coppa   Italian TV Presenter

  Michelangelo Antonioni   Director

  Michele Alboreto  

  Michele Alboretto  

  Michele Frank  

  Michele Green  

  Michele Laroque   Actress: Ma vie en rose

  Michele Lee   actress

  Michele Placido   Italian actor and director

  Michele Smith   Olympic Softball Player

  Michelle Anne Johnson   Actress: The Ring Two

  Michelle Bass   Singer, Big Brother UK Contestant

  Michelle Bauer  

  Michelle Bonilla   Actress, Writer, Producer

  Michelle Branch   singer

  Michelle Carey  

  Michelle Dubois  

  Michelle Forbes   Actress: Star Trek

  Michelle Hunziker   Swiss Actress, Model, Singer

  MIchelle Hurd   Actress: ER

  Michelle Johnson   Actress: Melrose Place, Revenge

  Michelle Kwan   Olympic Figure Skater

  Michelle Lee   Actress, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, Pirates of the C...

  Michelle Lewin   Fitness Model

  Michelle Malkin   Journalist, 'Fox News' channel contributor

  Michelle Marsh   Model

  Michelle McCool   Professional Wrestler: WWE Diva

  Michelle Monaghan   American Actress; Starred in 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang', 'Gone Ba...

  Michelle Obama   First Lady

  Michelle Pfeiffer   Actress

  Michelle Phillips   Singer, Songwriter and Actress

  Michelle Rodriguez   Actress

  Michelle Ryan   Actress, 'EastEnders'

  Michelle Shocked   Singer

  Michelle Stafford   Actress, 'Young and the Restless'

  Michelle Trachtenberg   Actress

  Michelle Wie   Professional Golfer

  Michelle Williams   American Actress; Known for Playing Jen Lindley in 'Dawson's...

  Michelle Wright  

  Michelle Yeoh   Actress

  Michi Cabello   Actress

  Mick Avory   Drummer for 'The Kinks'

  Mick Fleetwod  

  Mick Fleetwood  

  Mick Foley   Wrestler

  Mick Francois  

  Mick Hazen   Actor: As the World Turns

  Mick Hucknall   Singer, Simply Red

  Mick Jackson  

  Mick Jagger   Singer

  MICK MARS   Singer

  Mickey Carroll  

  Mickey Dolenz   Actor: The Monkees

  Mickey Gilley  

  Mickey Rooney   Actor: Night at the Museum, Year Without a Santa Claus

  Mickey Rourke   Actor

  Mickey Spillane  

  Mickey Wright  

  Mickie James   WWE Pro Wrestler

  Midland RockHounds   Minor League Baseball Team

  Midnight Star  

  Midori Ito   Figure Skater

  Miep Gies  

  Migdia Varela   Actress

  Miguel Cabrera   Pro Baseball Player

  Miguel Ferrer  

  Miguel Indurain   Olympic Cyclist

  Mihai Bagiu  

  Miikka Kiprusoff   Pro Hockey Player

  Mika Boorem   actress

  Mike 'The Mouth' Matusow   Pro Poker Player

  Mike Alstott   NFL Football Player

  Mike Anderson   Former Baseball Player

  Mike Aponte   Pro blackjack player and former member of the MIT Blackjack ...

  Mike Ashley   Funny Car Driver

  Mike Aulby   Professional Bowler

  Mike Bacsik   Baseball Player

  Mike Berry   Singer, Actor

  Mike Bibby   NBA Player

  Mike Birbeck   Baseball

  Mike Birkbeck   Former Baseball Player

  Mike Bloomberg   108th Mayor of New York City

  Mike Blumel   US Speedskater

  Mike Bossy   Former Hockey Player

  Mike Carlton   TV Presenter

  Mike Christian  

  Mike Conners  

  Mike Connors   Actor: Mannix

  Mike Curran   Olympic Hockey Player

  Mike David Peluso   Pro Ice Hockey Player, 1995 Stanley Cup winner

  Mike Dirnt   Bassist, 'Green Day'

  Mike Ditka  

  Mike Dodd  

  Mike Douglas  

  Mike Doyle   Actor: Law & Order SVU

  Mike Duncan   NASCAR Driver

  Mike Dunham   Olympic Hockey Player

  Mike Einziger   Member of 'Incubus'

  Mike Epps  

  Mike Eruzione   hockey player

  Mike Erwin   Actor: Everwood

  Mike Farrell   Actor

  Mike Felder   Former Baseball Player

  Mike Fisher   NHL Ice Hockey player

  Mike Frier  

  Mike Grady   British Actor

  Mike Griffin  

  Mike Hargrove   Former Manager of the Mariners

  Mike He   Actor

  Mike Heath   Baseball player

  Mike Helton   NASCAR President

  Mike Henry   Writer/ Producer

  Mike Holmes   Host, 'Holmes On Homes'

  Mike Huckabee   2008 Republican Presidential Candidate

  Mike Jenkins   NFL Football Player: Dallas Cowboys

  Mike Judge   Actor

  Mike Kennerty   Guitarist, 'The All-American Rejects'

  Mike Kirby   Actor

  Mike Krzyzewski   Head Coach of Duke University Men's Basketball Team

  Mike Lamb   Baseball player

  Mike Lange   Penguins Brodcaster

  Mike Lee   World Champion Bull Rider

  Mike Lehan   Footballer

  Mike Lombardi   Actor

  Mike Lookinland   Actor

  Mike Love  

  Mike Lowell   MLB Player

  Mike Malinin   Actor: Goo Goo Dolls

  Mike Mason   Former Baseball Player

  Mike McCormack   NFL Football Player, Coach

  mike mccormick   Retired MLB Pitcher

  Mike McGrath   Professional Bowler

  Mike Mignola  

  Mike Mills   Bassist for rock-group REM

  Mike Mizanin   Wrestler

  Mike Modano   Professional Hockey Player

  Mike Muir   Singer; For Suicidal Tendencies

  Mike Mussina   Former American Baseball Player; Played Starting Pitcher for...

  Mike Myers   Actor

  Mike Myers   Former Baseball Player

  Mike Nelson   Actor, Writer: Mystery Science Theater 3000

  Mike Nesmith  

  Mike Ness   Guitarist/ Songwriter: The Punk Rock

  Mike Nichols  

  Mike Norseth   NFL Football Player, 'Cincinnati Bengals'

  Mike O'Malley   Actor

  Mike Patton   Lead Singer: Faith No More

  Mike Peters  

  Mike Piazza   Professional Baseball Player

  Mike Portnoy   Musician, Drummer

  Mike Post  

  Mike Powell  

  Mike Quick  

  Mike Ramsey   Olympic Hockey Player

  Mike Reid   Pro Golfer

  Mike Rowe   Host of 'Dirty Jobs'

  Mike Rutherford   Musician

  Mike Schmidt   HOF baseball player

  Mike Schwartz   Producer/Writer/Actor: Scrubs

  Mike Shaw  

  Mike Shinoda   Linkin Park producer

  Mike Simms   Former Baseball Player

  Mike Singletary   NFL Player and Coach

  Mike Skinner   Race Car Driver

  Mike Stanley   Former Baseball Player

  Mike Starr   Actor: The Bodyguard

  Mike Super   Magician & Illusionist on The Phenomenon

  Mike Sweeney   Baseball Player

  Mike Tenay   WCW/TNA announcer

  Mike Timlin   Former Baseball Player

  Mike Tyson   Boxer

  Mike Utley   Football Player

  Mike Valley   Pro Skater

  Mike Vitar   Actor

  Mike Vogel   Actor

  Mike Vrabel   NFL Football Player

  Mike Wallace  

  Mike Wegener   1969 Montreal Expos MLB pitcher

  Mikey Way   Guitarist, member of 'My Chemical Romance'

  Mikhail Baryshnikov   Russian Dancer, Actor

  Mikhail Gorbachev   Russian and Formerly Soviet Politician; 8th and Last Leader ...

  Miko Hughes  

  Mila J   R&B Singer, Real name: Jamila Chilombo

  Mila Kunis   Actress

  Mila Mason  

  Miles Berkowitz  

  Miles Heizer   Actor: Rails & Ties

  Miles O'Keefe  

  Miley Cyrus   Actress, Singer

  Mili Avital   Actress


  Milka Duno   Race Car Driver

  Milla Jovovich   Actress

  Miller Barber  

  Miller Wentworth   Prison Break

  millicent martin   days of our lives

  Millie Perkins   Actress: The Diary of Anne Frank

  Mills Lane  

  mills watson   harper valley pta

  Millvina Dean   Youngest Titanic survivor

  Milo Hamilton   Sports Announcer For Houston Astros

  Milo O'Shea  

  Milo Ventimiglia   actor

  Milos Forman  

  Milt Bolling  

  Milt May  

  Milt Pappas   Former Baseball Player

  Milt Plum   QB Detroit Lions 1960's NFL

  Milt Schmidt   Hockey Hall of Famer

  Milt Thompson   Former Baseball Player

  Milton Delugg  

  Milva La Rossa   Italian Singer, Actress

  Milwaukee Brewers   Professional Baseball Team

  Milwaukee Bucks  

  Mimi Kennedy   Actress

  Mimi Lieber  

  Mimi Miyagi  

  Mimi Rogers  

  MIMS   American rapper

  Mindi Abair   Singer, Songwriter

  Mindy Cohn   Actress: The Facts of Life

  Mindy Kaling   Actress, 'The Office'

  Mindy Mccready   Country Singer

  Mindy Sterling   Actress, Austin Powers

  Mindy Vega   Adult Film Star

  Mink DeVille   Musician

  Minka   Asian adult actress

  Minka Kelly   Actress: Friday Night Lights

  Minna Aaltonen   Actress

  Minnesota Twins  

  Minnesota Vikings  

  Minnie Driver   Actress

  Mira Furlan   Actress, 'Babylon 5', 'LOST'

  Mira Nair   Director

  Mira Sorvino  

  Miranda Cosgrove   Actress

  Miranda Kerr   Model

  Miranda Lambert   Country Music Singer

  Miranda Otto   actress (Lord of the Rings)

  Miranda Richardson   actress

  Mircea Monroe   Actress

  Mireille Mathieu   French Singer

  miriam flynn   national lampoon's christmas vacation

  Miriam Makeba  

  Miriam Margolyes   British Actress

  Miriam McDonald   Degrassi: TNG

  Miriam Pielhau   German TV presenter, Big Brother season 8 and 9 host

  Miriam Stockley   British Singer

  Mirna Jukic   Austrian Swimmer

  Miroslav Klose   German Soccer Player

  Misa Shimizu   Actress

  Mischa Barton   Actress

  Mischa Dichter  

  Misha Collins   Actor: Finding Home

  Miss Elizabeth  

  Miss Piggy  

  Mississippi Braves   Minor League Baseball Team

  Missy Crider  

  Missy Elliot   Singer/Rapper

  Missy Higgins   Australian Singer/Songwriter

  Missy Hyatt  

  Missy Peregrym   Actress, Stick It, Heroes, Black Sash

  Misty Blue  

  Misty May   Olympic Volleyball Player

  Misty Mundae   Actress

  Misty Night  

  Misty Rain  

  Misty Rowe  

  Mitch Albom   Author

  Mitch Gaylord  

  Mitch Hewer   Actor

  Mitch Holleman   Actor, 'Reba'

  Mitch Kupchak   General Manager - Los Angeles Lakers, former professional ba...

  Mitch Miller  

  Mitch Pileggi   Actor

  Mitch Vogel  

  Mitch Williams   Former Baseball Player

  Mitchel Musso   Actor, 'Hannah Montana'

  Mitchell Hurwitz   Writer: Arrested Development

  Mitt Romney   Republican candidate for the 2008 Presidential nomination

  Mitzi Gaynor   Actress, Dancer

  Mitzi Kapture   Actress

  Mladen Stanisic   Singer, Songwriter, Model, Actor, Environmentalist

  Mo Collins   Actress/Comedienne - Mad TV

  Mo Rocca   Writer, Comedian

  Mo Vaughn   Retired Baseball player

  Mo'Nique   actress

  Moby   Singer

  Mock the Week cast   TV Show

  Modernaires, The  

  Modest Mouse   Rock Band


  Moe Bandy   Country Singer, Cowboys Aren't Supposed To Cry

  Moe Drabowsky  

  Mohan Kumar   Bollywood Director

  Moira Brooker   British Actress: As Time Goes By

  Moira Kelly  

  Moira Shearer  

  Moises Alou   Baseball player

  Moises Arias   Actor


  Molly Bee  

  Molly Cheek  

  Molly Holly   Wrestler

  Molly McGuire  

  molly mckinney   gorgeous redhead hosting kids show aqua kids

  Molly Price   Actress - 3rd Watch on NBC

  Molly Ringwald   Actress

  Molly Shannon   Actress, 'Never Been Kissed'

  Molly Sims   Super Model/Actress

  Mona Freeman   Actress

  Monet Mazur   Actress

  Monica   Singer

  Monica Bellucci   Actress, 'Shoot 'Em Up'

  Monica Corbett  

  Monica Denise Arnold   Singer

  Monica Keena  

  Monica Lewinksy  

  Monica Lewinsky   Fashion Designer

  Monica Mayhem   Adult Entertainer

  Monica Potter  

  Monica Seles  


  Monika Pyrek   Polish Olympic Pole Vaulter

  Monika Schnarre  

  Monique Coleman   Actress, 'High School Musical 1 & 2'

  Monique Gabrielle  

  Monique Van Vooren  

  Monk Cast   Comedy/Mystery TV Show

  Monster Magnet  

  Monte Hale   Country Singer and Actor

  Monte Irvin   Former Professional Baseball Player

  Monte Markham  

  Monte Montana  

  Monte Negro   Band

  Montel Williams   Talkshow Host

  Montell Jordan  

  Montgomery Biscuits   Minor League Baseball Team

  Montreal Canadiens  

  Montreal Expos  

  Montserrat Lombard   Actress

  Monty Hall  

  Monty Python  

  Monty Singleton   Singer: Dimension Zero Band

  Monty Sopp   Wrestler

  Moody Blues  

  Moon Bloodgood   actress

  Moonlight Cast   Television Show

  Moose Haas   Former Baseball Player

  Moose Skowron   Former Baseball Player

  Moosie Drier  

  Mora Quirk   Ref on Nickelodeon GUTS

  Morena Baccarin   Actress

  Morena Corwin   Actress/ Model


  Morgan Brittany  

  Morgan Fairchild   Actress

  Morgan Freeman   American Actor, Film Director, and Film Narrator; Known for ...

  Morgan Hamm   Gymnast

  Morgan Kelly   Actor

  Morgan Rose   Musician: Drummer for Sevendust

  Morgan Shepard  

  Morgan Shepherd   Race Car Driver

  Morgan Webb   Model, X Play host on G4 TV

  Morgan Woodward   Actor - Cool Hand Luke

  Morgan York   Actress


  Morley Safer  

  Morningwood   Rock Music Group

  Morrie Martin   Former Professional Baseball Player

  Morris Chestnut   Actor

  Morrissey   'The Smiths' singer

  Mort Drucker  

  Mort Lindsay  

  Mort Sahl   Comedian

  Mort Walker  

  Morten Andersen   Retired NFL player

  Mos Def  

  Mosie Lister   Gospel Music Veteran

  Motion City Soundtrack   Band

  Motley Crue   Band

  Motorhead   Band

  Mr. Blackwell  

  Mr. T   Actor: Rocky III, The A-Team

  Mrs. Harpo Marx  



  Mudvayne   Band

  Muggsy Bogues   Basketball Player

  Muhammad Ali   Legendary Heavyweight Champion Boxer

  Mungo Jerry   In the Summertime (song)


  Murray Langston  

  Murray Melvin   Actor

  Murry Baron   Hockey Player

  Muse   Band

  Muse Watson  

  Musetta Vander   Actress, Model

  Musiq Soulchild   Singer

  Mustang Sally Laid  

  Mutya Buena   Singer

  MxPx   Punk Band

  My Chemical Romance   Band

  Mya   Singer

  Myleene Klass   Former band member of Hear'Say

  Mylene Demongeot   Actress

  Mystery   Canadian Entertainer, Author: Pick Up Artist

  Mystery Jets   Band

  Mythbusters Cast   TV Show 'Mythbusters'

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