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Celebrity Addresses Starting With I

  I Nine   Pop Rock Band

  I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby   Lawyer, Former Adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney

  Ian 'H' Watkins   Singer, Dancer, Member of Steps

  Ian Abercrombie   Actor

  Ian Anderson   Musician, Singer, Songwriter

  Ian Bannen   Actor

  Ian Botham   Cricket Commentator, Cricketer

  Ian Brown   Singer, Musician

  Ian Buchanan   Actor

  Ian Carmichael   Actor

  Ian Cashmore   TV Personality (Ghost Hunters)

  Ian Crocker   US Olympic Swimmer

  Ian Gillan   Singer, Songwriter

  Ian Hart   Actor

  Ian Holm   Actor

  Ian Lavender   Actor

  Ian McDiarmid   Actor (Star Wars)

  Ian McEwan   British Author

  Ian McKellen   Actor

  Ian McNeice   Actor

  Ian McShane   Actor

  Ian Mune   Actor (Lord of the Rings)

  Ian Ogilvy   Actor

  Ian Richardson   Actor

  Ian Somerhalder   Actor

  Ian Talbot   Actor

  Ian Thorpe   Olympic Swimmer

  Ian Ziering   Actor

  Iben Hjejle   Actress

  Ice Cube   American Rapper, Songwriter, Actor, Producer, and Businessma...

  Ice-T   American Rapper, Musician, Songwriter, Actor, Record Produce...

  Ich + Ich   German Music Group

  Ichiro Suzuki   Former Japanese Baseball Player; Played 28 Seasons; Played f...

  ICM Partners   Talent and Literary Agency

  Idalis DeLeon   American Actress, TV Host, Writer, and Director; MTV VJ (Jun...

  Idina Menzel   Actress, Singer

  Idiot Pilot   Electronica/Rock duo

  Iggy Pop   Punk-Rockers Leader/Vocals, The Stooges

  Ignacio Serricchio   Actor, 'General Hospital' TV show

  Igor Cavalera   Musician: Drummer of Band Sepultura

  Igor Jijikine   Actor: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

  Ike Eisenmann  

  Ilene Chaiken   Writer, Producer

  Ilene Woods   Actress

  Ilia Volok   Actor: General Hospital

  Ilie Nastase   Former Tennis Player

  Ilya Kovalchuk   Pro Hockey Player: Atlanta Thrashers


  Imelda Staunton   Actress

  Imogen Heap   English Singer-Songwriter

  Imogen Stubbs   Actress

  Imogen Thomas   Big Brother

  In Extremo   German Folk Metal Band

  In-Grid   Italian Singer, Real Name: Ingrid Emiliana Alberini

  Ina Garten   Author and host of the Food Network show 'Barefoot Contessa'

  Inaia   Singer

  Incubus   Band

  India Arie   Singer

  India Eisley   Actress: The Secret Life of the American Teenager

  Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull   Film starring Harrison Ford, Shia La Beouf, Cate Blanchett, ...

  Indiana Pacers   Professional NBA Basketball Team

  Indianapolis Colts  

  Indianapolis Indians   Minor League Baseball team

  Indigo   Actress, Real name: Alyssa Ashley Nichols

  Indigo Girls  

  Indira Varma   Actress: Torchwood


  Ines Sastre   Actress, Model

  Inga Swenson  

  Ingmar Bergman  

  Ingo Rademacher   Actor, plays Jasper 'Jax' Jacks on 'General Hospital'

  Ingrid Caven  

  Ingrid Chauvin   French Actress

  Ingrid Michaelson   Singer/Songwriter

  Ingrid Pitt  

  Ingrid Seynhaeve  

  Ingrid Torrance   Canadian Actress

  Ink Spots, The  

  Inna Brayer   Professional Ballroom Dancer

  Insane Clown Posse   Hip Hop Duo

  Interpol   Post-Punk Rock Band

  Inward Eye   Band

  INXS   Band

  Ioan Gruffudd   Actor, 'King Arthur'

  Iowa Cubs   Minor League Baseball team

  Ipswich Town   Soccer Team

  Ira Levin  

  Irene Bedard  

  Irene Capra  

  Irene Cara   Singer, Actress

  Irina Slutskaya   Olympic Figure Skater

  Irina Voronina   Russian Model, Playboy Playmate

  Iris Faber   Actress

  Irish McCalla  

  irlene mandrell   mandrell sisters

  Irma Thomas  

  Iron Maiden   Heavy Metal Band

  Irv Cross  

  Irving Azoff   Producer

  Irving Fryar   Retired NFL player

  Isaac Bruce   Football Player

  Isaac Hayes   Singer and Actor

  Isaac Mizrahi   Fashion Designer

  Isabel Allende   Novelist

  Isabel Dos Santos   Actress

  Isabel Lucas   Actress - Home and Away

  Isabel Sanford  

  Isabella Hoffman  

  Isabella Rossellini   Actress/ Model

  Isabella Scorupco  

  Isabelle Adjani   French Actress, Singer

  Isabelle Boulay   Singer

  Isabelle Brasseur  

  Isabelle Fuhrman   American Actress; Known for Playing Esther in 'Orphan' and C...

  Isabelle Scorupco  

  Isaiah Washington   Actor


  Isis Valdez   Cuban Model

  Isla Fisher   Scottish-Australian Actress; Played Shannon Reed on 'Home an...

  Isley Brothers  

  Isolde Christine Wabra   Actress

  Israel Houghton   Recording Artist

  Issiac Holt   Former Football player

  It Takes a Thief   TV Series

  Ivan Cattaneo   Italian Singer

  Ivan Dixon   Actor

  Ivan Illich  

  Ivan Koloff  

  Ivan Lendl   Former Tennis Player

  Ivan Mauger   World champion motorcycle speedway rider from New Zealand

  Ivan Passer  

  Ivan Putski  

  Ivan Reitman   Actor, Producer, and Director

  Ivan Rodriguez   Baseball Player

  Ivan Sergei   Actor

  Ivana Trump  

  Ivanka Trump   Vice President of Trump Organization, The Apprentice, Donald...


  Ivy Bethune  

  Iyari Limon   Actress: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

  Izabel Goulart   Brazilian Supermodel

  Izabella Miko   Model, Actress

  Izzy Stradlin   Guitarist: Guns 'N Roses

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