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Celebrity Addresses Starting With B

  B-Rock & The Bizz   Hip-Hop Rap Group

  B.B. King   Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Record Producer

  B.D. Wong   Actor

  B.J. Novak   Actor, Writer, Comedian, Director

  B.J. Sams   Football Player

  B.J. Thomas   Singer

  B.J. Upton   Baseball Player

  B.T. Express   Funk/Disco Group

  B2K   Boy Band

  B5   R&B Group

  Baby Bash   Rapper

  Baby Fox  

  Babyface   Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer

  Babylon 5   TV Series

  Backstreet Boys   Musical Group

  Bahar Soomekh   Actress

  Bai Ling   Actress

  Bailey Hanks   Actress, Singer, Dancer

  Bailey Howell   Former Basketball Player

  Balthazar Getty   Actor, Musician

  Baltimore Orioles   Baseball Team

  Baltimore Ravens   Football Team

  Bam Margera   Skateboarder, Stuntman, Filmmaker

  Bamboo Shoots   Musical Group

  Bananarama   Pop Duo

  Banco de Gaia   Electronic Music Group; Formed in 1989 by Toby Marks

  Bane   American Hardcore Punk Band

  Bar Refaeli   Israeli Model, TV Host, Actress, and Businesswoman; Highest-...

  Barack Obama   44th U.S. President; American Attorney and Politician; Membe...

  Barb Mucha  

  Barbara Alyn Woods  

  Barbara Anderson   Actress - Ironside

  Barbara Babcock   Actress

  Barbara Bach   Actress, 'Caveman'

  Barbara Barend   TV Presenter

  Barbara Barrie  

  Barbara Bel Geddes  

  Barbara Billingsley   Actress, 'Leave it to Beaver'

  Barbara Bingham   Actress - Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

  Barbara Bosson  

  Barbara Broccoli   Producer: James Bond series, Daughter of the famous James Bo...

  Barbara Bush   First Lady of the United States

  Barbara Carrera   Actress

  Barbara Carroll  

  Barbara Cartland  

  Barbara Cook   Broadway Stage actress , Singer at Met Opera

  Barbara DeMaio Caprilli   American Soprano

  Barbara Durkin   Actress

  Barbara Eden   Actress, 'I Dream of Jeannie'

  Barbara Fairchild   Country Singer

  Barbara Feldon  

  Barbara Hale   Actress, 'Last of the Comanches'

  Barbara Harris  

  Barbara Hearn   First girl friend of Elvis Pressly

  Barbara Hershey   Actress, 'The Stranger Beside Me'

  Barbara Kent   Canadian born Silent Movie Actress

  Barbara Lawrence  

  Barbara Leigh   Actress

  Barbara Luna  

  Barbara Mandrell   Country Music Singer

  Barbara March  

  Barbara Meier   Model: Winner of The Second Cycle of Germany's Next Topmodel

  Barbara Murray   Actress

  Barbara Nedeljakova   Actress - Hostel

  Barbara Niven   Actress

  Barbara Park   Childrens Author

  Barbara Parkins   Actress, 'Valley Of The Dolls'

  Barbara Rhoades   Actress

  Barbara Rhodes  

  Barbara Shelley  

  Barbara Steele  

  Barbara Tarbuck   Actress

  Barbara Walters   20/20 Anchor

  Barbara Windsor   Actress

  Barbi Benton   Actress

  Barbora Záhlavová-Strýcová   Tennis Player

  Barbora ZahlavovaStrycova   Tennis Player

  Barbra Bain  

  Barbra Streisand   Singer, Actress

  Barcelona Football Club   Barcelona FC (Soccer team)


  Barney Martin  

  Barney Rosenzweig   Emmy and Golden Globe winning TV producer: Cagney & Lacey

  Baron Davis   Pro Basketball Player

  Barrie Chase  

  Barrie Ingham   Actor

  Barry Asher   Professional Bowler

  Barry Bonds   Professional Baseball Player

  Barry Bostwick  

  Barry Corbin  

  Barry Darsow   Professional Wrestler; best known as Smash

  Barry Diller  

  Barry Gibb   member of The Bee Gees

  Barry Humphries  

  Barry Larkin  

  Barry Levinson  

  Barry Livingston  

  Barry Louis Polisar   Children's author

  Barry Lyons   Former MLB player

  Barry Manilow   Musician

  Barry Nelson  

  Barry Newman   Played Petrocelli on TV show

  Barry Pearl   Actor

  Barry Pederson   Hockey

  Barry Pepper  

  Barry Sanders   Former NFL Football Player

  Barry Sonenfield  

  Barry Sonnenfeld  

  Barry Sullivan   Actor

  Barry Switzer   Former Football Coach

  Barry Van Dyke   Actor

  Barry Watson   Actor

  Barry Williams   Actor: The Brady Bunch

  Barry Zito   Professional Baseball Player

  Bart Braverman  

  Bart Conner   Olympic Gymnast

  Bart Starr   60's NFL quarterback


  Bastion Booger   Wrestler

  Battlestar Galactica Cast   Sci-Fi/Drama

  Bay City Rollers   Pop Rock Band

  Bayer 04 Leverkusen   German Football Club

  Baz Luhrmann   Writer, Director

  BB King   Legendary Blues Guitarist

  BBC Television Centre   Television Company

  Bea Arthur  

  Beanie Wells   Football Runningback

  Bear Grylls   Mountaineer

  Beastie Boys   Rappers

  Beat The Bone   Rock Band

  Beatrice Arthur   Actress, Comedienne, Singer

  Beatrice Dalle   French Actress

  Beatsteaks   Alternative, Punk Band

  Beau Allred   Former Baseball Player

  Beau Bridges   Actor, 'Sidekicks'

  Beau Brummels  

  Beauty and the Beast   Broadway Show

  Beavis & Butthead  

  Bebe Neuwirth   Actress, 'Cheers'


  Becki Newton   Actress, 'Ugly Betty'

  Becky LeBeau  

  Becky Sunshine  

  Bee Gees, The  

  Bela Karolyi  

  Belen RodrĂ­guez   TV Presenter / Model

  Belinda Bauer  

  Belinda Carlisle   singer

  Belinda Lang   British Actress


  Belita Moreno   Actress

  Bella Abzug  

  Belladonna   Adult Film Star

  Bellamy Brothers   Country Music Duo

  Bellamy Young   Actress: Mission: Impossible III

  Ben Adams   Singer

  Ben Affleck   Actor

  Ben Ainslie   English Sailor, three-times Olympic gold medalist

  Ben Bailey   Cash Cab Host

  Ben Baldwin   British TV Presenter

  Ben Barnes   Actor: The Chronicles of Narnia

  Ben Browder   Actor

  Ben Chaplin  

  Ben Cooper  

  Ben Crane   Golfer

  Ben Crenshaw  

  Ben Cross   Actor

  Ben E. King  

  Ben Fogle   British TV Presenter

  Ben Folds   Musician, Songwriter

  Ben Foster   Actor

  Ben Gazzara  

  Ben Gordon   Proffesional Basketball player

  Ben Grieve   Baseball player

  Ben Gullory  

  Ben Harper   singer

  Ben Hartley   Actor: The Car Man

  Ben Hartsock   Football Tight End

  ben james ellis   Actor - Hairspray

  Ben Jelen   Singer

  Ben Jones   Actor

  Ben Murphy   Actor

  Ben Quayle   Son Of Dan Quayle

  Ben Roethlisberger   Professional Football Player

  Ben Savage   Boy Meets World

  Ben Sheets  

  Ben Shephard   British TV Presenter

  Ben Silverstone   Actor

  Ben Smith   Cartoonist

  Ben Smith   Hockey Player and Coach

  Ben Smith   NFL Football Player, 'Philadelphia Eagles'

  Ben Stein   Attorney, Political Figure, Actor

  Ben Stiller   Actor

  Ben Troupe   Footballer

  Ben Turner  

  Ben Utecht   Football Tight End

  Ben Vereen   Actor, Dancer, Musician

  Ben Wallace   NBA basketball player, 'Detroit Pistons', 'Chicago Bulls'

  Benedetta Rinaldi   Italian TV Presenter

  Benevento-Russo Duo   Band

  Benicio Del Toro   Actor

  Benito Santiago   Pro MLB Baseball Player

  Benjamin Bratt   Actor

  Benjamin Burnley   Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer

  Benjamin McKenzie   actor

  Benjamin Zephaniah   British Poet


  Benji Madden   Singer, guitarist, 'Good Charlotte' band

  Benji Schwimmer   Pro Dancer, Winner of 'So You Think You Can Dance'

  Bennie Blades   Retired NFL player

  Bennie Daniels   1960's Washington Senator's MLB pitcher

  Benny Andersson   Member of 'ABBA'

  Benny Carter  

  Benny Distefano   Baseball

  Benny Hin  

  Benny Sapp   Footballer

  Benoit Magimel   French Actor

  Bens Brother   Band

  Benton Jennings   Actor

  Berg Yung   Rapper

  Berke Breathed  

  Berkoff Sheryl  

  Bernadette La Font   1960's French New wave actress

  Bernadette Peters   Actress, Singer, Author

  Bernard Berrian   Footballer

  Bernard Cornwell   Author

  Bernard Cribbins  

  Bernard Fox  

  Bernard Hill   Actor, 'Lord of the Rings', 'Titanic'

  Bernard Langer  

  Bernard Shaw  

  Bernardo Bertolucci   Writer, Film Director

  Bernie Carbo   OF Boston Red Sox

  Bernie Casey  

  Bernie Kopell  

  Bernie Kosar   NFL QB

  Bernie Mac  

  Bernie Parent   Hockey Hall of Famer

  Bernie Parrish  

  Bernie Smith   MLB Baseball Player, 'Milwaukee Brewers'

  Bernie Taupin   Lyricist for Elton John

  Bernie Williams   MLB Baseball Player

  BERRY BARR   Great Granddaughter of Jesse James

  Berry Berenson  

  Bert Campaneris   Former MLB Baseball Player

  Bert Jansch   Scottish folk musician

  Bert Jones   Former NFL Qarterback

  Bert Lance  

  Bert Marshall   NHL Player

  Bert Sakmann   1991 Nobel Winner In Physiology Or Medicine

  Bertram Brockhouse  

  besmond askew   Actor

  Bess Armstrong  

  Best Damn Sports Show Period Cast   Sports Talk Show

  Beth Broderick   Actress

  Beth Chamberlin  

  Beth Cordingly   actress

  Beth Ditto   Band Member: The Gossip

  Beth Ehlers  

  Beth Farrelly  

  Beth Grant   Actress: No Country for Old Men

  beth horn   Venom on Gladiators

  Beth Howland   Actress

  Beth Tweddle   British Gymnast

  BethAnn Bonner   Actress

  Bethany Dillon   Contemporary Christian Singer, Real Name: Bethany Adelsberge...

  Bethany Joy Galeotti   Actress: One Tree Hill

  Betsy Drake  

  Betsy Heimann  

  Betsy Palmer   Acress: Joan Crawford's, Queen Bee

  Betsy Randle   American Actress; Best Known for Playing Amy Matthews on 'Bo...

  Betsy Russell   Actress, 'Saw IV'

  Betta St. John   Actress: The Robe

  Bette Midler   Singer, Actress

  Better with you cast   ABC Network TV series

  Bettie Page   Model, Actress

  Betty Aberlin   Actress

  Betty Allen  

  Betty Buckley   Actress: Eight Is Enough

  Betty Comden   Broadway Author & Lyracist

  Betty Corweth-Dunn   AAGPBL HOF Womens pro baseball player

  Betty Driver   Actress: Coronation Street

  Betty Ford  

  Betty Hutton   Actress

  Betty Lynn   Actress

  Betty Petryna-Allen-Mullins   AAGPBL HOF Pro Baseball player

  Betty Thomas  

  Betty Weider   Model

  Betty White   Actress: Golden Girls

  Bettye Ackerman  

  Bev Bevan   Drummer Of ELO

  Bev Doolittle  

  Beverley Mitchell   Actress

  Beverly Aadland   Actress

  Beverly Archer  

  Beverly Cleary   Author from Oregon

  Beverly D'Angelo   Singer, Actress: National Lampoon

  Beverly Garland  

  Beverly Leech   Square One Mathnet

  Beverly Lewis   Author

  Beverly Lynne   Actress

  Beverly Mahood   Musician

  Beverly Roberts  

  Beverly Sills  

  Bevin Prince   Actress: One Tree Hill

  Beyonce Knowles   Singer

  Bhanurekha Ganesan   Indian actress

  Bianca Kajlich   Actress: Rules of Engagement

  Bianca Lawson   Actress: Secret Life of the American Teenager

  Bibi Besch  

  Bif Naked   Singer, Actress

  Big & Rich   Country Music Duo

  Big Boi   Hip Hop Artist - Outkast

  Big Brother   Reality TV Show

  Big Bully Busick   Wrestler

  Big D and the Kids Table   Punk Band

  Big Daddy Kane   Rapper, Real Name: Antonio Hardy

  Big Shots   Television Show on ABC

  Bijou Phillips   Model, Actress

  Bil Dwyer   Comedian, Actor

  Bil Keane  

  Bill Adams   Former NFL Football Player: Buffalo Bills

  Bill Allen   Actor: played Christopher "Cru" Jones in the BMX movie RAD.

  Bill Almon   Former Baseball Player

  Bill Amend   Cartoonist, 'Fox Trot'

  Bill Anderson  

  Bill Bailey   Comedian

  Bill Belichick   American Football Coach; One of the Greatest Coaches in NFL ...

  Bill Bell  

  Bill Beutel  

  Bill Billingsley  

  Bill Blass  

  Bill Bradley   Former Senator & NBA PLayer

  Bill Bryson   actor

  Bill Buckner   Former Major League Baseball Player

  Bill Bunetta   Professional Bowler

  Bill Burr   Comedian, Actor

  Bill Callahan   Football Coach: University of Nebraska

  Bill Callahan   Writer/Producer: Scrubs

  Bill Campbell  

  Bill Christian   1960 Gold (ice hockey)

  Bill Cleary   1960 US Gold Medal Hockey Team

  Bill Clinton   42nd U.S. President; American Politician; Former Governor of...

  Bill Condon   American Screenwriter and Director

  Bill Conigliaro  

  Bill Conti  

  Bill Cosby   Actor, Comedian

  Bill Curry   Former Professional Football Player

  Bill Daily  

  Bill Dana  

  Bill Dance   Fishing and Outdoor Television Legend

  Bill Dawley   Baseball

  Bill Dobslow  

  Bill Dudley   Football Player

  Bill Elliott   Nascar Driver

  Bill Engvall   Comedian

  Bill Fagerbakke   Actor, Patrick Star on 'SpongeBob Squarepants'

  Bill Farmer   Voice Actor

  Bill French  

  Bill Gadsby   Hockey Hall of Famer

  Bill Gaither  

  Bill Gates   Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect

  Bill Geist  

  Bill Glynn   Baseball Hall Of Famer

  Bill Goldberg   Wrestler

  Bill Gompers   Retired NFL Player

  Bill Griffith   Cartoonist

  Bill Hader   Actor, SNL, Superbad

  Bill Hanna  

  Bill Hartack  

  Bill Hayes  

  Bill Hinzman  

  Bill Hudson  

  Bill Hunter  

  Bill Johnson   Actor, Leatherface Part 2

  Bill Kaulitz   Singer, 'Tokio Hotel'

  Bill Kazmaier   World's Strongest Man

  Bill Kelliher   Guitarist: Mastodon

  Bill Kurtis   Television Host

  Bill Landrum   Former Baseball Player

  Bill Laskey   Former Baseball Player

  Bill Lawrence   Musician, Designer, Engineer

  Bill Lawrence   Writer: Scrubs

  Bill Lillard   Professional Bowler

  Bill Macy   Actor

  Bill Madlock   Retired Baseball Player

  Bill Maher   Actor

  Bill Mauldin   Cartoonist

  Bill Mazeroski   Retired Baseball Player

  Bill McCool   Pitcher 1969 San Diego Padres

  Bill Medley  

  Bill Melendez  

  Bill Moseley   Actor

  Bill Moyers  

  Bill Mueller   Former Baseball Player

  Bill Mumy  

  Bill Murray   Actor

  Bill Nelson   Former NASA Astronaut and U.S. Senator; Served as a Payload ...

  Bill Nighy   actor

  Bill O'Reilly   Talk Show Host

  Bill Parcells   Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the Miam...

  Bill Paxton   Actor

  Bill Pearl  

  Bill Pullman   Actor

  Bill Ranford  

  Bill Renna   St. Louis Browns MLB Player

  Bill Richardson   Politician: Governer of New Mexico

  Bill Rodgers   Olympic Marathon Runner

  Bill Romanowski   NFL Player

  Bill Russell   Former Professional Basketball Player

  Bill Sampen   Former Baseball Player

  Bill Sharman   Former Professional Basketball Player and Coach: Boston Celt...

  Bill Shoemaker  

  Bill Smith   Former Football Player, 'Chicago Rockets'

  Bill Smitrovich   American Actor; Starred in 'Independence Day', 'Air Force On...

  Bill Spiers   Former Baseball Player

  Bill Stein   Former Baseball Player

  Bill Tarr  

  Bill Travis  

  Bill Virdon  

  Bill Walton   Retired Basketball Player, TV Sportscaster

  Bill Ward   Drummer: Black Sabbath

  Bill Watterson   Cartoonist

  Bill Wegman   Former MLB Pitcher

  Bill Withers   Singer, Songwriter, Musician

  Bill Wyman  


  Billie Hayes   Witchie Poo/HR Puff n' Stuff

  Billie Jean King   Tennis Player

  Billie Joe Armstrong   Lead Singer of 'Green Day'

  Billie Moore   Olympic Basketball Player

  Billie Piper   Singer, Actress, 'Doctor Who'

  Billy Andrade  

  Billy Barty  

  Billy Bean   Former Professional Baseball Player

  Billy Benedict  

  Billy Blanks   American Fitness Guru, Martial Artist, Actor, and The Jnvent...

  Billy Bob Thornton   Actor

  Billy Boyd   actor

  Billy Bragg   Musician: Folk Music, Punk Rock, Protest Songs

  Billy Burke   Actor

  Billy Bush   Co-Anchor of 'Access Hollywood'

  Billy Campbell  

  Billy Cannon  

  Billy Casper   Pro Golfer

  Billy Collins   Poet

  Billy Connolly   Actor

  Billy Corgan  

  Billy Crudup   Actor

  Billy Crystal   American Actor, Comedian, Writer, Producer, Director, and TV...

  Billy Cunningham   Former NBA Basketball Player, Coach For Philadephia 76ers, A...

  Billy Currington   Country Singer

  Billy Dean   Country Singer

  Billy Dee Williams   Actor, Artist, Writer

  Billy Drago  

  Billy Gardner  

  Billy Gibbons   Member of 'ZZ Top'

  Billy Gilman   Country Singer

  Billy Graham   Evangelist

  Billy Gray  

  Billy Greer   Bassist for Kansas

  Billy Hardwick   Professional Bowler

  Billy Idol   Singer

  Billy Jean King   Tennis Player

  Billy Jo Spears  

  Billy Joe Royal  

  Billy Joel   American Singer, Songwriter, Composer, and Pianist; Known as...

  Billy Johnson   Retired NFL football player, AKA 'White Shoes'

  Billy Keller   Forner ABA player

  Billy Kidman   Pro Wrestler

  Billy Lush   Actor: The Black Donnellys

  Billy Martin   Guitarist

  Billy Mays   TV Commercial and Infomercial Salesman, 'OxiClean'

  Billy Miller   Actor: All My Children

  Billy Mills   Olympic Track & Field Runner

  Billy North   MLB Baseball Player, 'Chicago Cubs'

  Billy Ocean  

  Billy Otis   Actor

  Billy Paul   R&B Music Singer

  Billy Pierce   Former MLB Baseball Player; for the Chicago White Sox

  Billy Preston  

  Billy Ray Cyrus   Country Singer

  Billy Ray Smith Jr.   NFL Football Player, 'San Diego Chargers'

  Billy Redden   Actor: Banjo Player in Deliverance

  Billy Sims   Former College Football Player

  Billy Smith   Hockey Player

  Billy Squier   Singer: The songs, The Stroke and Lonely In The Night

  Billy Talent   Punk Rock Band

  Billy Volek   Football Player

  Billy Wagner   Baseball Player

  Billy Warlock   Actor: Baywatch, General Hostpital

  Billy West   Voice Actor

  Billy Whitelaw  

  Billy Wilder  

  Billy Williams  

  Billy Wirth   Actor: The Lost Boys

  Billy Yates   Country Singer

  Billy Zane   Actor

  Bindi Irwin   Daughter of Steve Irwin The Crocodile Hunter'

  Binghamton Mets   AA baseball team


  Bipasha Basu   Bollywood Actress and model

  Birdie Tebbets  

  Birmingham Barons   AA baseball team

  Bitty Schram  

  Bizzy Bone   Rapper, former member of 'Bone Thugs-N-Harmony'. Real name:...

  BJ Armstrong   Former Basketball Player

  BJ Penn   UFC

  Bjork   Musician, Songwriter, Actor

  Bjorn Borg   Tennis Player

  Bjorn Ulvaeus   Musician, Composer, Member of 'ABBA'

  Black Crowes, The  

  Black Eyed Peas   Music Group

  Black Flag  

  Black Sabbath   Band

  Black Uhuru  

  Blackfire   Punk Band


  Blaine Larsen   country singer

  Blaine Wilson  

  Blair Brown  

  Blair Thomas   Retired NFL Player

  Blair Underwood   Actor, 'Fatherhood'

  Blake Bashoff  

  Blake Clark   actor / comedian

  Blake Edwards  

  Blake Ewing   Actor

  Blake Foster  

  Blake Griffin   College Basketball Player; for The Oklahoma Sooners

  Blake Lewis   American Idol

  Blake Lively   Actress

  Blake Shelton   Country Singer

  Blake Shields   Actor

  Blaze Bayley   Lead Singer for The Heavy Metal Band: Blaze Bayley

  Blaze Berdahl   Actress, Singer, Rapper

  Blaze Starr  

  Blind Melon  

  Blindside   Post-Hardcore Band

  Blink 182   Band

  Bloc Party   Band

  Blondie   American rock band

  Bloodhound Gang   Music Group

  Bloodsimple   Metal Band

  Blu Cantrell   Singer

  Blue Barron  

  Blue Man Group   Music Group

  Blue October   Music Group

  Blue Oyster Cult  

  Blue Peter   BBC TV Children's Program

  Blue Van, The   Rock Band

  Blues Image  

  Blues Traveler   Rock Band

  Blythe Danner  

  Bo Belinsky   Former Pro Baseball Pitcher

  Bo Bice   'American Idol' Contestant

  Bo Derek   Actress

  Bo Diddley  

  Bo Hopkins  

  Bo Jackson   Former multi-sport athlete in football and baseball

  Bo Pelini   Head football coach at the University of Nebraska

  Bo Schembechler  

  Bo Svenson   Actor

  Bob Adams   Former baseball player

  Bob Addis   Chi. Cubs/Boston Braves 50's MLB Player

  Bob Backlund   Wrestler

  Bob Balaban  

  Bob Barker   Host of 'The Price Is Right'

  Bob Bergen   Voice Actor, 'Porky Pig'

  Bob Bogle   The Ventures

  Bob Boone   Former Baseball Player

  Bob Boozer   Former Basketball Player

  Bob Bruce  

  Bob Burnquist   Pro Skateboarder

  Bob Chandler   Football Player

  Bob Costas   Sports Journalist

  Bob Cousy  

  Bob Cushing  

  Bob Daisley   Hard Rock Bass Guitar Player and Lyricist

  Bob Dandridge   Former NBA player

  Bob Denver  

  Bob Dishy  

  Bob Dole   Senator

  Bob Dolman   Director

  Bob Duliba   1964 LA Angels MLB pitcher

  Bob Dylan   Singer

  Bob Einstein   Comedic Actor: Super Dave Osborne

  Bob Errey   Pro Hockey Player

  Bob Eubanks   Game Show Host

  Bob Farrelly  

  Bob Feller   HOF Baseball Player

  Bob Forsch   former MLB player

  Bob Friend   HOF Baseball pitcher

  Bob Gainey   Retired Hockey Player, General Manager of the Montreal Canad...

  Bob Gale  

  bob gaudio   Song-writer

  Bob Geldof   Musician

  Bob Gibson   Retired Baseball Player

  Bob Goen  

  Bob Golic  

  Bob Grich   Former Baseball Player

  Bob Griese   Former American Football Quarterback

  Bob Harper   Personal Trainer; on TV series The Biggest Loser

  Bob Hawk Taylor   1960's NY Mets MLB catcher-of

  Bob Heft  

  Bob Hope  

  Bob Hoskins   Actor

  Bob Huggins   Head Basketball Coach of West Virginia University

  Bob Kelly  

  Bob Kennedy  

  Bob Kipper   Former Baseball Player

  Bob Kuzava   Baseball Player

  Bob Lemon  

  Bob Lillis   Former Baseball Player

  Bob Lilly   Pro Football Hall of Famer - Dallas Cowboys

  Bob Lunn  

  Bob Mackie   Designer

  Bob Mahoney   Musician: Drummer for the punk band Bane

  Bob Mathias  

  Bob McGrath   Sesame Street...

  Bob Mortimer   Writer, Actor

  Bob Murphy  

  Bob Newhart   Bob Newhart Show

  bob nudd   fishing

  Bob Odenkirk   Writer and Director

  Bob Oliver   MLB Baseball Player, 'Pittsburgh Pirates'

  Bob Patterson   Former Baseball Player

  Bob Petitt   Retired American Professional Basketball Playeretball

  Bob Pettit   Former NBA Basketball Player

  Bob Pulford   Hockey Player/Coach

  Bob Rafaelson  

  Bob Riley   Alabama Governor

  Bob Saget   Full House

  Bob Seger   Singer

  Bob Skinner   1960 Pirates, 1964 Cardinals MLB OF

  Bob Smith   Golfer

  Bob Smith   MLB Baseball Player, 'Boston Braves'

  Bob St. Clair   Former San Francisco Football Player

  Bob Stoops   Actor

  Bob Suter   Olympic Hockey Player

  Bob Tucker   Retired NFL Player

  Bob Turley   NY Yankee, St. Louis Browns MLB pitcher

  Bob Uecker   Baseball Announcer, Actor

  Bob Vila  

  Bob Wanzer   Basketball Hall of Famer

  Bob Watson   Former MLB Player

  Bob Weinstein  

  Bob Weir   Musician: Guitarist Player for The Greatful Dead, Ratdog

  Bob Wickman   Baseball Player

  Bob Woodward  

  Bobaflex   Band

  Bobbie Cryner   Country Singer

  Bobbie Eakes   Actress: All My Children

  Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan   Wrestler

  Bobby Allison   NASCAR Driver

  Bobby Ball   Comedian

  Bobby Bare   Country music singer

  Bobby Baun   NHL Player

  Bobby Berosini  

  Bobby Bonilla   Former Baseball Player

  Bobby Bowden   Former Football Coach

  Bobby Bowden   Legendary winningest coach in NCAA Division I football histo...

  bobby brown   Baseball Player - Yankees - President of the American League...

  Bobby Brown   Singer, Actor

  Bobby Bruce   Tribute to Neil Diamond

  Bobby Cannavale   Actor, Third Watch, Will & Grace (Emmy winner), 100 Centre S...

  Bobby Clarke   Ice Hockey Hall of Famer

  Bobby Davro   British Actor and Comedian, Real name: Robert Nankeville

  Bobby Deen   Chef, Son of Paula Deen

  Bobby Diamond  

  Bobby Doerr  

  Bobby Dotter  

  Bobby East   Upcoming NASCAR Driver

  Bobby Eilbacher  

  Bobby Fischer  

  Bobby Flay   Chef

  Bobby Gene Smith   Former MLB Baseball Player, 'St. Louis Cardinals'

  Bobby Gentry  

  Bobby George   British darts player

  Bobby Goldsboro  

  Bobby Hamilton  

  Bobby Hatfield  

  Bobby Hebert   Retired NFL player

  Bobby Hillin  

  Bobby Hull  

  Bobby Humphrey   Retired NFL player

  Bobby Jindal   Gov. Of Louisiana

  Bobby Johnson   Football Player, Coach

  Bobby Klaus   Baseball Player

  Bobby Knight  

  Bobby Labonte   American Race Car Driver; 2000 NASCAR Winston Cup Series Cha...

  Bobby Lewis   Singer

  Bobby Mauch  

  Bobby McFerrin  

  Bobby Meacham  

  Bobby Moynihan Jr.   Actor

  Bobby Orr   Former Hockey Player

  Bobby Phillips  

  Bobby Rahal  

  Bobby Ray Shafer   Actor, 'Psycho Cop', 'Psycho Cop 2', AKA Robert R. Shafer

  Bobby Rydell   Singer, Actor, 'Bye Bye Birdie'

  Bobby Shantz   Former Baseball Player

  Bobby Sherman  

  Bobby Short  

  Bobby Smith   Hockey Player

  Bobby Thigpen   Former Baseball Player

  Bobby Thomson   Scottish Former Major League Baseball Outfielder

  Bobby Unser  

  Bobby Valentine   Former MLB Baseball Player

  Bobby Vee   Musician

  Bobby Vinton   Singer

  Bobby Walden   Retired Football Player

  Bobby Wine   1963 Gold Glove winner SS Phila. Phillies

  Bobby Womack  

  Bobcat Goldthwaite  

  Bode Miller   Olympic Skier

  Bogmen, The  

  Bokeem Woodbine  

  Bon Jovi   Band

  Bone Thugs-N-Harmony   Music Group

  Bones Cast   Crime/Drama Show

  Bonita friedericey   chuck

  Bonnie Aarons   Actress

  Bonnie Bartlett  

  Bonnie Bedelia  


  Bonnie Blair   Former American Speed Skater; Competed for the United States...

  Bonnie Dennison   Actress: Third Watch

  Bonnie Franklin  

  Bonnie Hunt   Actress

  Bonnie Lange  

  Bonnie Langford  

  Bonnie McKee   Singer

  Bonnie Morgan   Contortionist

  Bonnie Raitt  

  Bonnie Root   Actress

  Bonnie Somerville   Actress, Singer

  Bonnie Tyler   Singer

  Bonnie Wright   Actress

  Bono   Lead Singer for 'U2'

  Boo Boo Stewart   Actor, AKA Nils Allen Stewart Jr.

  Booker T   Wrestler

  Boombox   Band

  Boomer Esiason   Retired Professional Football Player

  Boomer Grigsby   Footballer

  Boone Pickens  

  Booth Colman   Actor: Planet of the Apes

  Boots Randolph  

  Boris Becker   Former German Tennis Player; Won 5 Year-End Championships, 1...

  Boris Efimov   Russian Cartoonist, Born in 1900, still employed by newspape...

  Boris Johnson   Current Mayor of London, politics, tv/radio

  Boris Kodjoe   Actor: Starship Troopers 3 Marauder

  Boris Said   NASCAR Driver

  Boss Bailey   Footballer

  Boston   Band

  Boston Bruins  

  Boston Celtics  

  Boston Legal Cast   Drama TV Show

  Boston Red Sox   Professional Baseball Team

  Boti Bliss   Actress, 'CSI: Miami'

  Bow Wow Wow  

  Bowie Baysox   AA baseball team

  Bowie Kuhn  

  Bowling For Soup   Music Group

  Box Tops, The  

  Boy George  

  Boyd Tinsley   Violinist: Dave Matthews Band

  Boys Like Girls   Band


  Bozo the Clown  

  Brad Anderson  

  Brad Arnold   Singer for '3 Doors Down'

  Brad Ausmus   Pro MLB baseball player

  Brad Bird   Director

  brad boyes   hockey player

  Brad Coleman   Upcoming NASCAR Driver

  Brad Culpepper   Football Player

  Brad Daugherty   Former Basketball Player NBA

  Brad Delson   Guitarist for 'Linkin Park'

  Brad Dourif   actor

  Brad Garrett   Actor

  Brad Grey   Film and Television Producer

  Brad Hawkins   Actor

  Brad Henke   Actor

  Brad Johnson   Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys

  Brad Kane   Voice Actor

  Brad Keselowski   Nascar Driver

  Brad Loree   Stuntman, Model

  Brad Maule  

  Brad Paisley   Country Singer

  Brad Park   Hockey Hall of Famer

  Brad Pitt   Actor, 'Interview with the Vampire'

  Brad Radke   Pro MLB Baseball player

  Brad Renfro  

  Brad Rice   Musician: Member of Keith Urban's band

  Brad Richards   Pro NHL ice hockey player

  Brad Rowe  

  Brad Sherwood   Comedian: Who's Line is it Anyway

  Brad Silberling   Director

  Brad Stine   Stand-up Comedian, Actor, and Author

  Brad Whitford   Musician; Guitarist for the band Aerosmith

  Brad Zockoll   Christian author

  Braden Brunick   Model

  Bradford Anderson   Actor

  Bradford Dillman  

  Bradley Comfort  

  Bradley Cooper   actor

  Bradley James (II)   Actor: Merlin

  Bradley Pierce   Actor

  Bradley Walsh   Actor

  Bradley Whitford   Actor

  Bradley Wiggins   Olympic Cyclist

  Brady Corbet   Actor

  Brady Quinn   Pro NFL football player

  Braith Anasta   Australian pro rugby league player

  Brampton Battalion   Junior ice hockey team

  Brand Nubian  

  Brande Roderick   Actress, Model

  Brandel Chamblee  

  Brandi Carlile   Singer

  Brandi Chastain   Olympic Soccer Player

  Brandon Barash   Actor: General Hospital

  Brandon Beemer   Actor: The Bold and the Beautiful

  Brandon Boyd   Singer for 'Incubus'

  Brandon Buddy   Actor: One Life To Live

  Brandon Call  

  Brandon Chillar   American football linebacker

  Brandon Davidson   The Amazing Race Contestant

  Brandon Douglas   Actor (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman)

  Brandon Flowers   Member of 'The Killers'

  Brandon Heath   Singer

  Brandon Hooper  

  Brandon Johnson   Footballer

  Brandon Lloyd   Football Wide Receiver

  Brandon Lyon   MLB Player; for the Detroit Tigers

  Brandon Marshall   Football Player for the Denver Broncos

  Brandon Phillips   Baseball Player

  Brandon Routh   Actor

  Brandon Sexton III  

  Brandon Stokley   Pro Football Player

  Brandon Tartikoff  

  Brandon Webb   MLB Baseball Player: All-star pitcher for the Arizona Diamon...


  Brandy Alexander  

  Brandy Ledford   Penthouse Pet, Actress

  Brandy Norwood  

  Brant Parker  

  Braylon Edwards   Pro NFL Football player

  Brazilian Girls   Band

  Bre Blair   Actress: The Baby-Sitters Club

  Brea Grant   Actress: Plays Daphne in Heroes

  Breckin Meyer   Actor

  Bree Olsem   Adult Film Star

  Bree Robertson   Australian actress and model

  Bree Turner   Actress

  Bree Williamson   Actress: One Life To Live

  Brenda Bakke  

  Brenda Blethyn  

  Brenda Dickson  

  Brenda Forbes  

  Brenda Joyce  

  Brenda K. Starr  

  Brenda Lee   Country Pop Singer

  Brenda Petzold   Olympic Freestyle Skier

  Brenda Song   Actress

  Brenda Vaccaro  

  Brendan Beiser   Actor, 'X-Files'

  Brendan Fehr   Actor

  Brendan Fraser   Actor

  Brendan Gleeson   actor

  Brendon Ayanbadejo   Footballer

  Brendon Small   Co-Creator of The Show: Metalocalypse

  Brendon Urie   Band

  Brent Mayne   Former Baseball Player

  Brent Musberger  

  Brent Musburger  

  Brent Smith   NFL Football Player, 'Miami Dolphins'

  Brent Spiner   Actor: Star Trek

  Brent Stait   Canadian Actor: Stargate

  Bret Harrison   Grounded For Life

  Bret Hart   Former Wrestler

  Bret Michaels   Singer

  Brett Anderson   Lead Singer/Songwriter, 'Suede'

  Brett Bodine  

  Brett Butler   Actress

  Brett Butler   Former Baseball Player

  Brett Cullen   Actor

  Brett Dennen   Singer/ Sonwriter

  Brett Favre   American Football Quarterback: The Green Bay Packers

  Brett Haber  

  Brett Halsey  

  Brett Hull   Fomer NHL Hockey Player

  Brett Somers   Actress

  Brett Tucker   Singer, Actor: McLeods Daughters, Neighbours

  Brewer & Shipley  

  Brian Aldiss  

  Brian Austin Green   Actor

  Brian Barton   Baseball Player

  Brian Baumgartner   American Actor and Director; Best Known for Playing Kevin Ma...

  Brian Bedford  

  Brian Benben  

  Brian Billick   NFL Baltimore Ravens Head Coach

  Brian Blades   Retired NFL player

  Brian Blessed   Actor

  Brian Bloom   Actor: Once Upon A Time In America

  Brian Boitano  

  Brian Bonsall  

  Brian Bosworth   Retired NFL player

  Brian Buzzini  

  Brian Carroll   American Guitarist/ Composer

  Brian Cashman   Major league baseball executive

  Brian Conley   Actor, Comedian

  Brian Cox  

  Brian d'Arcy James   Theatre Actor

  Brian Dawkins   NFL Football Player

  Brian Dennehy   Actor

  Brian DePalma  

  Brian Dietzen   Actor, 'NCIS'

  Brian Dorsett   Former Baseball Player

  Brian Doyle-Murray  

  Brian Dunkleman   Comedian, Actor, Host (American Idol)

  Brian Eno   Musician

  Brian F. O'Byrne   Actor: No Reservations

  Brian Forbes  

  Brian Geraghty   Actor

  Brian Grazer   Film Producer & Screenwriter: Flightplan, 24, Cinderella Man...

  Brian Griese   Quarterback for the Chicago Bears

  Brian Hall  

  Brian Harnois   Ghost Hunters reality show

  Brian Holman   Former Baseball Player

  Brian Hunter   Former Baseball Player

  Brian Hyland  

  Brian J. White   Actor, Dancer, Football Player, Lacrosse Player, Youth Acti...

  Brian Jacques   British Author: Tribes of Redwall

  Brian Johnson   Singer, Songwriter

  Brian Kelly   Defensive Back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  Brian Knobbs  

  Brian Krause   Actor

  Brian Littrell   Member of 'The Backstreet Boys'

  Brian Maillard   Musician: Bassist for Dominici

  Brian May   Musician; Guitarist for Band Queen

  Brian McFadden   Singer, Songwriter

  Brian McKnight  

  Brian Mcnamara   Actor: Arachnophobia

  Brian Molko   Singer: Band Placebo

  Brian O'Driscoll   Rugby Player

  Brian O'Leary  

  Brian Orser  

  Brian Posehn   Actor, Comedian

  Brian Rowsom   Basketball Player

  Brian Schweitzer   Montana Governor

  Brian Sergent   Ted Sandyman in 'Lord of the Rings'

  Brian Setzer   Singer

  Brian Setzer Orchestra   Singer

  Brian Urlacher   Professional Football Player

  Brian Van Holt   Actor

  Brian Vickers   NASCAR Driver

  Brian Vollmer   Lead singer for the rock band Helix

  Brian Walker  

  Brian Westbrook   NFL Football Player

  Brian Williams   Anchor of 'NBC Nightly News'

  Brian Wilson  

  Briana Banks   Adult Film Star

  Briana Evigan   Actress: Step Up 2

  Brianna Brown   Actress

  Brianna Rieffel   Singer

  Brianne Bateman   Sports Cheerleader

  Brianne Davis   Actress: Jarhead

  Brice Beckham  

  Brick Smith   MLB Baseball Player, 'Seattle Mariners'

  Bridget Fonda   actor

  Bridget Hal  

  Bridget Marquardt   Actress, Model

  Bridget Moynahan   Actress

  Bridget Regan   Legend Of The Seeker- Kahlan Amnell

  Bridget Sloan   American Gymnast

  Bridget Turner   Actress, 'Doctor Who'

  Bridgett Newton   Actress

  Bridgette Wilson   Actress, Singer, Model

  Bridgit Mendler   Actress: The Clique

  Bridie Carter   Actress: McLeod's Daughters

  Brie Bella   Wrestler

  Brie Larson   Actress, 'Raising Dad'

  Brigid Brannagh   Actress: Army Wives

  Brigitte Bardot   Actress

  Brigitte Kahn   Actress: Star Wars: Episode V

  Brigitte Nielsen  

  Brinke Stevens  

  Brit Hume  

  Britney Spears   American Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, and Actress; Referred t...

  Britt Edland  

  Britt Ekland  

  Britta Dubbles  

  Britta Steffen   German Swimmer

  Brittany Andrews  

  Brittany Daniel   Actress

  Brittany Murphy   Actress

  Brittany O'Connell  

  Brittany Snow   Actress

  Brittany Underwood   Actress: One Life To Live

  Brittney Skye   Adult Film Star

  Brock Adams  

  Brock Lesnar   UFC Fighter

  Brock Peters  

  Brody Dalle   composer

  Brody Hutzler  

  Brody Jenner   Actor

  Broken Lizard   Comedy Group

  Bronagh Gallagher   Singer, Actress


  Bronson Pinchot  

  Brook Kerr   Actress

  Brooke 'Pumkin' Thompson   Contestant on 'Flavor of Love' Season 1

  Brooke Adams  

  Brooke Anne Smith   Actress

  Brooke Astor   Socialist, Philanthropist

  Brooke Bloom   Actress: CSI Miami

  Brooke Burke   Model, Actress

  Brooke Burns   actor

  Brooke Dillman   Actress

  Brooke Hogan   Singer/Daughter of Hulk Hogan

  Brooke Hyland   Dance Moms

  Brooke Kinsella   Actress: Kelly Taylor on EastEnders

  Brooke Langton   Actress: Melrose Place, Kiss the Bride

  Brooke Mcclure   Actress

  Brooke P. Anderson   Actress, 'Sum Of Existence'

  Brooke Shields   Actress

  Brooke Smith   Actress: Grey's Anatomy

  Brooke Thiess  

  Brooke V. Anderson   CNN Entertainment Correspondant

  Brooke Waters  

  Brooke White   American Idol Finalist

  Brooklynn Proulx   Actress

  Brooks & Dunn   Country Music Duo

  Brooks And Dunn   Singers ; Country Music Duo

  Brooks Orpik   NHL Player

  Brooks Robinson  

  Brotherhood of Man  

  Brothers & Sisters Cast   Drama TV Show

  Brothers Four, The  

  Brothers Past   Rock Band

  Bruce Abbott  

  Bruce Allpress   Aldor in 'Lord of the Rings'

  Bruce Bauer  

  Bruce Baumgartner   Olympic Wrestler

  Bruce Belland  

  Bruce Bennett  

  Bruce Bowen   Pro NBA Basketball Player

  Bruce Boxleitner  

  Bruce Campbell   Producer, Director

  bruce cockburn   If a Tree Falls

  Bruce Crampton  

  Bruce Davison  

  Bruce Dern  

  Bruce Dickinson   Lead Singer of Iron Maiden

  Bruce Fields  

  Bruce Forsyth   TV Presenter and Actor

  Bruce Gordon  

  Bruce Greenwood   actor

  Bruce Hoffort   Hockey

  Bruce Hopkins   Actor, 'Lord of the Rings'

  Bruce Hornsby  

  Bruce Hyde   Actor - Star Trek

  Bruce Jenner  

  Bruce Johnson   Author

  Bruce Kulick   Guitarist for the rock band KISS

  Bruce Locke   Actor: The Shadow

  Bruce Matthews   NFL Football Player

  Bruce McGill  

  Bruce Payne   Actor: The Book

  Bruce Smith  

  Bruce Springsteen   Singer & Songwriter

  Bruce Vilanch   Comedy Writer

  Bruce Williams  

  Bruce Willis   Actor, 'Die Hard'

  Bruno Campos  

  Bruno Langley   Actor: Doctor Who

  Bruno Sammartino  

  Bruno Sassi   Wrestler

  Bruno Tonioli   Judge on dancing with the stars

  Bryan Adams   Singer, Songwriter

  Bryan Clay   American Decathlete; World champion in 2005

  Bryan Cox   Retired NFL football player

  Bryan Cranston   Actor, 'Malcolm In The Middle'

  Bryan Dattilo   Actor

  Bryan Ferry  

  Bryan Greenberg   Actor, 'October Road'

  Bryan Harvey   Former MLB Player

  Bryan Hextall Jr.   Retired NHL Player

  Bryan Singer  

  Bryan Trottier   Pro Hockey Player

  Bryan White  

  Bryant Johnson   Football Wide Receiver

  Bryce Dallas Howard   Actress

  Bryce Zabel   writer/producer

  Bryn Smith  

  Bryton McClure   Actor

  Bubaloo Mandel  

  Bubba Baker   Actor, 'Running Cool'

  Bubba Franks   Footballer

  Bubba Smith  

  Bubba Watson   Pro Golfer

  Bubby Brister   Former NFL Football Player

  Buck Henry  

  Buck Owens  

  Buck Taylor   Actor

  Buck Trent   Musician

  Buckcherry   Music Group

  Bucky Covington   American Country Music Singer

  Bucky Dent   Former Baseball Player, Real name: Russell Earl O'Dey

  Bud Blake  

  Bud Collins   Tennis Writer, Announcer

  bud day   Col US Air Force

  Bud Harrelson   Retired baseball player, coach

  Bud Moore   Former NASCAR Owner/ Crew Chief

  Bud Selig   Commissioner of Baseball

  bud Spencer   Actor

  Budd Lynch   Hockey Hall of Famer

  Budd Schulberg   Author

  Buddy Ace  

  Buddy Alan  

  Buddy Baker   Former NASCAR Driver

  Buddy Ebsen  

  Buddy Guy  

  Buddy Hackett  

  Buddy Miles  

  Buddy Miller  

  Buddy Pritchard   1957 Pittsburgh Pirate MLB Player

  Buddy Rice   Indy Car Driver

  Buddy Valastro   Baker, TV Personality

  Buffalo Bills  

  Buffalo Bisons   Minor league baseball team

  Buffalo Sabres  

  Buffy Marie-Sainte  

  Buffy Saint-Marie  

  Built to Spill   Rock Band

  Bumblefoot   Guitarist: Guns N' Roses

  Bun E. Carlos   Drummer, 'Cheap Trick'

  Bunny Burkett  

  Bunny Hoest  

  Burn Gorman   American-born British Actor

  Burt Bacarach   Composer

  Burt Blyleven  

  Burt Kennedy  

  Burt Kwouk  

  Burt Reynolds   Actor

  Burt Rutan   Aircraft Designer

  Burt Ward   Actor

  Burt Wolf   Journalist, Writer and TV Producer

  Burt Young   Actor, 'Rocky' films

  Burton Cummings   Singer

  Burton Gilliam  


  Busta Rhymes  


  Buster Poindexter  

  Buster Posey   MLB player

  Busy Philipps   Actress: White Chicks

  Butch Davis   Former Baseball Player

  Butch Patrick   Actor, 'The Munsters'

  Butthole Surfers  

  Buzzy Linhart   The song, You Got To Have Friends

  BWitched   Music group

  Byrds, The  

  Byron Allen   Producer and Director

  Byron Cherry  

  Byron Dafoe  

  Byron Mann   actor

  Byron Nelson  

  Byron Scott   Former NBA Player, New Orleans Hornets Head Coach

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