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Celebrity Autograph Success Types
Below are some of the basic types of responses you can receive from a celebrity when you request an autographed photo.

  • Authentic: A real autograph originally signed personally by the celebrity.

  • Personalized: An authentic autograph signed personally by the celebrity and personalized with your name. For example, "To John, thanks for your support..."

  • Pre-print: A photo with the autograph already printed on the negative from which copies are made. A pre-print is still a "real" autograph; it's simply a copy of the real thing. The celebrity did not originally sign or personalize the autograph to you.

  • Autopen: The autograph is created by a programmed machine that uses a real pen. Tips for detecting an autopen autograph: 1) The uniform pressure on each letter and 2) the blotch at the beginning and end of each word caused when the pen descends onto and lifts up from the paper or photo. The celebrity obviously did not personalize the autograph to you.

  • Secretarial: An autograph signed by someone other than the celebrity, usually their secretary. These autographs can sometimes look authentic.

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